Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack


Action / Comedy / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.2/10 10 1783 1.8K


Top cast

Vivica A. Fox as Cheer Goddess
Sven Ruygrok as Jeff
Cristine Prosperi as Destiny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duvernetphotography 4 / 10

predictable but what do you expect?

Cheesy, cute teeny outfits, thumping music, predictable plot line and inter-character drama.It plays out like a teen soap with a bit of skin to keep it interesting. Where do you go with these Bring It movies when the whole premise is so structured? At least interject some personal drama like a cultural rift or fusion. The internet smack down was an interesting concept and had real potential. The introduction of rap moves was pretty lame because that has been done so many times in other more dramatic dance movies. Where was the demonstration of cheer leading at a football game? Where was the school spirit coming through? All in all, it was nice to watch and see such athletic bodies in action of all kinds.

Reviewed by sbtfbk 3 / 10

Meh... Sloppy.

I noticed that the main character was also in a season of Degrassi I had watched so Immediately I was iffy... She was okay, but I'll have to admit that the performers used were very sloppy.

The camera angles overhead further showcased how uneven and sloppy the routines were, and the movie was quite predictable. From the beginning, you knew that Blake and Destiny had a thing for each other.

As I mentioned, the routines were sloppy and I can't get over that. Most of the cheerleaders in the movie were not using uniforms either, and some teams at the end were in regular shorts/rolled up top - including the Rebels, who were in workout pants and crop zippered tops - for me, cheerleaders competing should be using pristine condition uniforms. Sounds silly, but the uniforms make routines look even better.

It seemed more like a dance-off movie rather than a cheer-off movie. If the performers were better, I'd have a higher rating, but the routines were boring and sloppy (I keep saying that, but it and you'll see). I would have sacrificed the romance aspects of this movie and the conflict to bring better routines/performances.

I did like how they had three interracial couples in the movie though - you don't see that enough in Hollywood.

Reviewed by juliannasha 1 / 10

Please do not waste your time watching this awful movie!

THIS MOVIE IS TERRIBLE!!!!!! do not waste your money to watch this terrible acting and horrible understanding of cheer leading. I was disappointed because of how good the other bring it ones were and watching how bad this one is I expected so much more but was not satisfied. Cheerleading is so much more than they lead it on to be not to mention their horrific grammar. Not one person I know says cheer-militated or cheer smack. That's just an insult to cheerleaders. The sport is not all about social media and "cheer smack downs". People in the cheer community are supportive and have great sportsmanship. This movie made me cringe. Also it's unrealistic and stereotypical. Do you research before you make another movie and try to make it believable these are cheerleaders... or even actors.

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