Brides of Blood


Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.0/10 10 967 967


Top cast

John Ashley as Jim Farrell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void 5 / 10

Bride of the plodding green plastic monster!

Brides of Blood is a cheap and cheerful production but also one with a lot of problems. The plot synopsis actually makes it sound like you might be in for something rather enjoyable; but while the film definitely does have it's moments, they are few and far between and usually in the middle of a load of torrid and boring scenes. The film focuses on a primitive island where years earlier there were experiments with radioactive bombs. We follow a team who goes to the island in order to research the after-effects of the bomb as well as help the locals to build a village. However, there have been some unexpected side effects. The main problem with the film is that it really lacks a point; there's plenty of horror shown and it's actually quite inventive but it's not got any perspective. The special effects look extremely cheap and are unlikely to impress anyone; but they're fun to watch and directors Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero (no relation to George) have not let the budget hold them back as the effects are plentiful. Ironically though, it's the main monster that looks the most awful of all - it's unlikely to frighten anyone that is for sure! As mentioned, the plotting is all over the place and as such the film can be a bit boring at times, which is a shame and to be honest; I never really cared how it would all end. Overall, this does have some good moments; but it's not a good film and I wouldn't recommend anyone goes out their way to check it out!

Reviewed by ferbs54 5 / 10

A Pulpy Funhouse of a Movie

Wow, does this flick make for one wild and woolly experience! "Brides of Blood" (1968), the first adventure in the Blood Island trilogy, must be deemed, along with 1959's "Terror Is A Man," one of the crown jewels of Filipino horror cinema. In it, 1950s star John Ashley plays Jim Farrell, a Peace Corps worker who comes to the eponymous Blood Island in the Philippines. He is accompanied by naturalist Dr. Henderson, who wants to study the effects of recent nearby nuke tests on the island's flora and fauna, as well as by Henderson's randy, bubble-bosomed wife, played by Beverly Hills (love that name!). This film is some kind of ultimate drive-in experience, and throws in much to ensure a memorable time. Thus, there are some scary, groping, mutated trees (still not as scary as the ones in "The Wizard Of Oz," though), sacrificed topless maidens, gaggles of scampering little people (that IS the PC expression at the moment, right?), battles with torches, bolos and flare guns, AND a roaring, woman-hungry monster that beggars my poor powers of description. Please don't get me wrong; this is certainly not anybody's idea of a quality film (even my beloved "Psychotronic Encyclopedia" calls it "terrible"). It is somewhat shoddily put together, and features God-awful dubbing and egregious day-for-night photography. Still, it does offer truly exotic Filipino atmosphere, interesting characters, decent-enough acting, and eerie native chants. Plus, the film culminates with a wild, celebratory native mating dance that must be seen to be believed; a most satisfactory windup. The bottom line is that I can't imagine any fan of sci-fi, horror or action films not enjoying this pulpy funhouse of a movie on some level. Recommended.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Hugely enjoyable Filipino horror trash

Radioactive fallout on a remote tropical island causes the plants and animals to mutate into dangerous and hideously malformed monsters. The scared natives regularly sacrifice fair maidens to an especially vile and ferocious beast known as the Evil One. Noble Peace corps volunteer Jim Farrell (a likable performance by Filipino exploitation cinema mainstay John Ashley) tries to get the locals to stand up to the foul subhuman fiend. Directors Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero relate the cheerfully ridiculous story at a steady pace, do a solid job of creating and sustaining a gloomy brooding atmosphere, offer a flavorsome evocation of the exotic setting, deliver a satisfying smattering of tasty female nudity and lovably cheesy gore, and stage the rousing fiery conclusion with a reasonable amount of brio. This film further benefits from acceptable acting by a competent cast: Kent Taylor as stoic, no-nonsense scientist Dr. Paul Henderson, Mario Montenegro as suave rich guy Esteban Powers, Bruno Punzalan as Esteban's loyal servant Goro, and Andres Centenera as wise tribal elder Arcadio. Moreover, we get some delicious distaff eye candy courtesy of buxom blonde Beverly Powers as Henderson's horny, sarcastic wife Carla and sultry brunette Eva Darren as sweet local girl Alma. Better still, there's an infectiously sincere and enthusiastic go-for-it pulpy sensibility evident throughout that's endearing and entertaining in equal measure. The rough, unpolished cinematography gives the picture a suitably gritty look. The throbbing tribal score likewise hits the shuddery spot. The heavy-breathing lumpy'n'rubbery humanoid creature is a total tacky riot. A good deal of blithely low-grade fun that's not to be taken seriously.

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