Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100% · 7 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iamatriangle 4 / 10

Nothing a youtube deep dive hasn't already said.

To be completely honest, there was nothing much of substance here. The exposé failed to really expose anything that hasn't already been said on youtube. I mean really, it felt almost like they'd just watched a youtube video and threw it together particularly when the subplot (an overall criticism of fast fashion and consumerism) felt detached from the brandy section in any way other then the fact brandy is fast fashion. I also felt that they glossed over a lot of details they could have further analysed such as the whole apartment saga and the fact the owner is allegedly a p***phile. Overall a half baked documentary.

Reviewed by thaspius 10 / 10

Very Insightful documentary into the global impact of fast fashion

Corporations preying on young women and their desire to be trendy, resulting in Chinese sweat shops in Italy of all places, massive dumping grounds and water pollution via microplastics, and throw in corporate racism, sexual abuse, and antisemitism. The show exposed a lot more than I was expecting and the massive global impact these corporate practices have. I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative flow of the documentary and how it guides the viewer from a start that seems like a fairly innocuous new brand with unusual marketing practices with an all Instagram marketing strategy and largely self taken photos by eager young customers.

Certainly not a trivial problem and it is negatively impacting 10s of thousands if not 100s of thousands of people globally. The folks giving poor reviews clearly didn't watch the entire movie.

Reviewed by johnspringer-95440 3 / 10

Phony Outrageville & The Cult of Sanctimonious Documentarians

Here's a not-fun drinking game: take a shot every time an interviewee in this documentary misuses the word "like." You will die of alcohol poisoning within the first seven minutes.

This is an attempted fashion documentary hitpiece like the recent one about Abercrombie&Fitch; but the approach is so scattershot that it's difficult to discern whether the filmmakers are denigrating the particular brand, the entire fashion industry, consumerism in general or demographically-targeted marketing.

Most of the people featured are vapid dingbats. There's also a wanna-be journalist trying to resurrect her nothingburger takedown of a minor retailer. It's difficult to accept anything this production alleges when it keeps trotting out sub-80-IQ goofballs to make its points.

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