Branching Out


Action / Drama / Family / Romance

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Nikki SooHoo as Miss Weaver
Sarah Drew as Amelia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jzsimdb 8 / 10

A wonderful celebration of family

I love the alternate universe of Hallmark movies. I started watching them in 2017 and they have been a soothing escape from troubled times. But even I get a little tired of the formula. So I was delighted last years when Hallmark Movies and Mysteries began providing movies with a little more depth like Guiding Emily, Come ly with Ne, etc. They've migrated to Hallmark and I strongly suspect that this gem was originally intended for HMM.

If you've seen the commercials, you know the basic story- a child conceived by IVF is curious about her donor. A wonderful cast makes this a joy all-around experience. Most important is the joy of family and the recognition that family comes in many forms. After watching again, I have to add how much I enjoyed the "introvert sucked into a loud, boisterous family" theme. I can relate to that. And also how refreshing it is to have characters who are flawed but still likeable. Very well done.

My only minor quibble is the teacher. No real teacher would push off a student's concern on such a sensitive topic with a platitude. I understand the limitations of time, but that one thing niggled at me.

If you are a Hallmark fan and have enjoyed those mentioned that have a little more depth, I think you will love this.

Reviewed by MickyG333 8 / 10

Far and away good

8.2 stars.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I could go on about the plot in great detail, but I figure there isn't much point to it. I'll describe in a nutshell. A woman gets pregnant through a sperm bank and has a little girl. Daughter (about 9 years old) overhears some conversation between mom and best friend, now she wants to meet her dad. The rest of the story is about mom and daughter meeting dad and his wonderful extended family. Mommy and baby daddy fall in love, little girl falls in love with the rest of the family - the end.

There are a dozen qualities of this film that really stand that require no further mentioning. I will leave you with a bit of advice: focus on the little girl and her colorful personality and the rest will fall into place.

Reviewed by jenrn-09722 6 / 10

Great movie except for unrealistic "conflict"

This was a great movie, good chemistry, original plot. I enjoyed this until the point where he gets his dream job and she backs off and acts like he's just broken up with her because he's going on tour for 6 months. That had to have been the dumbest reason for conflict I have ever seen from Hallmark in a long time. She acts lke FaceTime, and cellphones don't exist. She acts lke he can't call, text, or ever speak to them while he's gone. It was written to play like it was her insecurites, but it was just such a pathetic device to add conflict that wasn't there - and so unnecessary for such a good movie. The dialogue and end acene where she suddenly accepts him going and explains off her insecurites was stilted awkward and was just poorly written. I got whiplash from her sudden change of heart. Whoever wrote this needs to work on their endings...Otherwise a good watch.

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