Born to Ride



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John Stamos as Cpl. Grady Westfall
Teri Polo as Beryl Ann Devers
Ed Bishop as Dr. Tate
John Stockwell as Capt. Jack Hassler
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Reviewed by JamieWJackson 5 / 10

enjoyable enough

I guess I'm the only American who never watched "Full House", and thus I have no impression of John Stamos from that show. Here, he's a little bit overly aloof/cocky, but really, is this supposed to be a hard-hitting war documentary? No, it's supposed to be a little bit historical with some war/action scenes but mostly just light fun. It manages to do all of that pretty well. As other reviewers here have pointed out, it never drags. It isn't always realistic, but the implausibilities aren't severe enough to ruin the fun, and there is a decent sense of real danger during the war part.

One thing I liked was the overall feeling of the 1940s; they did a good job with that for a casual comedic movie, IMO. Also there are some genuinely witty bits of dialog here and there.

I give it 5/10; it's nothing special but it's a pleasant way to kill 90 minutes.

Reviewed by millerian-55 7 / 10

Great companion piece with Top Gun: Maverick

A bizarre item, a war film, an 80s shoot-em-up action film, and a biker film all rolled into one, graham baker made one of my favorites of 2022, impulse, and both of these films operate under that same level of precise, stripped down filmmaking that i tend to love, and here it is in all of its purest forms, with no level of schmaltz or care for over-the-top emotional moments, just a film focused on its task at hand, a 87 minute film that is just focused on structure and design, baker's direction is fantastic, he formulates what is obviously an early 1990s film, but uses the excellent wide screen photography of the war films from the 1960s, the blocking on display is wonderful, along with his excellent care for the editing, and the precision involved, included with that is his use of music, the score is surprisingly great, but it is about how he doesn't utilize music in the war sequences and in the emotional, dramatic moments, most of this film plays with a great care for atmosphere, the film puts out a certain feeling that is easily transferrable, with impulse, baker also added a certain level of atmosphere but also a weird balance in that film and this where the romance almost seems to act upon the exteriors of the structure of the film, the romance isn't the goal for both main characters in these two films, it is about the goal of the story and how that story will effect the character, so structurally similar to top gun: maverick except it has all the fat trimmed out, a young hotshot has to face a superior who looks down at him, but grows his superior's respect, has a romance with a woman nearby, and has to teach a group of hotshots, and eventually gets involved in the mission himself, it is great stuff, the screenplay is structured with profficiency, and what it is great is that baker cares about the drama at hand, but he never overplays it, relentless and yet still slow and observational, exactly the opposite to equalizer 3, and a great film to watch after that for comparison's sake, also john stamos is great, he's got great charisma, with none of that swarmy irritation that his full house character provided, and teri polo is also a true movie star here, beautiful, but with a great sense of care for drama that was always, unfortunately underplayed in the meet the parents franchise, like i've said before, 'failures' from the past will always be more interesting in the future, and graham baker here proves to me that he's one of the precise, assignment directors who adds a touch to his films, precisely designs it through efficient blocking and editing, and finds a great film all the same.

Reviewed by Biggieman2k4 7 / 10


OK let's be honest, all of us watched full house when we were kids. the shows was captivating in that Reagan era, family style. because of its popularity, john stamos and most of that cast will forever be remembered for those roles. now as trite as that show can be by todays standards, i don't see why one should bust john stamos' chops for the role in this movie. until i looked it up on this website, i had no idea that it made its way into a theatre somewhere. i saw it on t.v. and taped over 11 years ago and up until now had just figured it as a t.v. movie. so i had no standard as what it should have been otherwise. granted, the acting is a bit two-dimensional, the visuals aren't that great and the situation is unusual. but all in all, i would recommend this movie to people. not for its ability to break ground in cinema but anyone who is interested in watching an interesting movie that keeps you from start to finish and i can honestly say this ; DOES NOT DRAG! many movies should be as lucky to watch a flick and have your attention kept throughout the whole movie. so anyone who views this movie for the first time, i would recommend* this thought to try and keep while watching it. imagine it is a movie made for television and you should be OK. all in all 7 out of 10 stars.

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