Blue City


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.4/10 10 1340 1.3K

Top cast

Ally Sheedy as Annie Rayford
Judd Nelson as Billy Turner
David Caruso as Joey Rayford
Scott Wilson as Perry Kerch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 5 / 10

"I either confuse people or p!ss them off."

Other than some noteworthy names attached to the project (Judd Nelson, David Caruso, Ally Sheedy, Paul Winfield, Scott Wilson and filmmaker Walter Hill), "Blue City" is a by-the-numbers, but unscrupulous dramatic thriller that involves a lot of bruising beat-ups and heated confrontations as it has Judd Nelson as a real rebellious young drifter returning back to his home town to find out his well-regarded father was murdered and the police had done little about it because of the lack of evidence. So with the help of a friend or two he takes it upon himself to stir up a ruckus with the local heavies to hopefully to find his father's killer. Nelson's disruptively brooding character spends most of the time instigating conflicts and getting into tit for tat situations by waging a criminal war to get some point across. Questionable methods indeed, but it provides constant brutality and a furiously nippy edge over the use of growing suspense and mystery. Nearly every character involved with the exception of Ally Sheedy is quite nasty or have shades… even our supposed heroes. As for Sheedy's character, she felt nothing more than a padded distraction in the usual love interest angle and in the end could have been rubbed out. There are some good performances. Scott Wilson provided some sparks in his villainous local mob role with Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as one of his henchman. A stoic Paul Winfield is solid and Anita Morris brings a nervous energy. Walter Hill's co-written screenplay is uneven (some things making little sense) and foreseeable in its plot twists (where it seems like easy come, easy go), but the script keeps the dialogues blunt and simple. The choice of setting is ideal with some scenic Florida shots, as the humidity goes down well with the tension that's boiling over between the parties involved. Director Michelle Manning handling is rather tight, but pretty cut and dry. Ry Cooder provides the upbeat music score that embellishes the environment and ordeals, although it can be rigid and overwrought. Reasonably mindless fodder

Reviewed by merklekranz 5 / 10

Like a dead fish on the Florida beach .........

Totally lifeless would be a good way to describe "Blue City". Despite the presence of several interesting character actors, the leads Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy drag everything down with their lifeless performances. The only reason to waste 83 minutes on this unfocused lightweight material is to watch Scott Wilson in the role of an opportunistic bad guy, and the late Anita Morris at her sexiest. Beyond that, the script is severely underdeveloped, especially in regards to motivation for all the mayhem. In the end, the viewer is left with many dangling unanswered questions, and a real sense of W.T.F. Think made for cable or direct to video quality. ................................................................................................................................................ MERK

Reviewed by pdk 4 / 10

What was the point?

I knew nothing beforehand about this film. I only watched it because Ally Sheedy was in the cast. This was one of the poorest films I have seen in a long time. In my opinion, the only actor who really put anything into his part was Paul Winfield. I like Ms. Sheedy no matter what film she's in, ever since I first saw her in War Games. Judd Nelson was inappropriate as the hero. The plot became more preposterous as the film went on, so that by the end nothing that happens surprises the viewer. The actions which the hero did were totally over the top, and he got away with all of them!! All in all, a film to avoid.

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