Blood Theatre


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Mary Woronov as Miss Blackwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ethylester 3 / 10

I love Mary Woronov

I agree that Mary Woronov (Murdoch's secretary) is one of the only good things about this film. She is my favorite actress ever, every role she plays is always done so well. Her character is sly, sarcastic, clever, light hearted, funny and cunning. She really pulls this role off well and you get a good feel for what her character is all about.

The rest of the movie is pretty bad. The music is the most entertaining thing left. One of the characters has this really strange circular radio that she brings with her while she wears her tight zebra striped tank top.

One thing that was a little intriguing about the story was the idea that someone hires these three college-aged kids to spruce up an old abandoned theater. He gives them the keys and says - go at it. That would be really fun and I wish someone would give me that chance! Imagine going into an old abandoned theater with two other people and you get to decide how to decorate it, and fix it up. You have total control over the whole building. That would be so fun! Unfortunately, the characters do not think of this as an exciting adventure, they think of it as a big chore. They walk around with long faces and fight with each other the whole time. It's kind of a bummer. But it's fun to think about the possibilities that these people aren't even excited about.

The movie does a pretty good job at making you feel helpless or a little spooked out by the theater itself. However, the acting (besides Woronov.. and possibly Murdoch, the boss - just because makes a really good money hungry fake smiley business man who never has any luck) is really horrible and you just end up feeling unsatisfied. Plus, the random slapstick is a little tacky and kind of ruins the reality that the film tries to create.

Watch this if you dig Mary Woronov, funky 80's Casio keyboard style electronic beats and if you think having a giant spooky abandoned theater to yourself is at all intriguing.

Reviewed by bababear 2 / 10

I'll Be Generous and Call It Pathetic

Watching this, my heart broke for the actors. What could it have been like actually being in this? And it holds the distinction of being the most ineptly directed movie I've ever seen, and I'm well into Senior Citizen status.

The premise isn't bad. Three very young employees at a cineplex are handed the keys to an wonderful old cinema and told to clean the place up so that it can be reopened.

The premise isn't bad. The movie is.

It's about 80 minutes long, but moves at a snail's pace. Nothing except some brief nudity livens up the first two acts. At long last the theater opens, a local news crew spouts some exposition about the theater's history, a few characters are killed, mostly offstage. The original owner of the cinema shows up, he's killed by the Last Girl, she runs to a pay phone and calls the police. It ends with the police arriving.

I'd guess that the people who made this have a background acting and directing for the stage. I realized- and this was more upsetting than any of the "horror" elements- that people would say a line, pause, beat, two, three, four, and someone else would say a line. This was because they were inserting these pauses so that the audience's laughter wouldn't cover the lines.

Uh, kids. Let me be frank with you. Those lines aren't funny. Not the least bit.

There were exactly two good things about this film. The actress/writer/painter/sculptor Mary Woronov is always fun to watch, but her performance was arch and mannered. She realized that the people acting opposite her had nothing to give, and seemed bored.

Best yet, the 'haunted' theater is one of those wonderful old downtown single screen movie palaces that young audiences probably have never experienced. It brought back the days of my youth and young adulthood at the Loew's (where I saw my very first movie, a re-release of THE WIZARD OF OZ, when I was a small child) , Metropolitan, and Majestic in Houston, the Jefferson in Beaumont, the Paramount and State in Austin, and, best of all, the Aztec in San Antonio.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 2 / 10

This has to be seem to be believed, and I've seen it and still don't quite believe it.

There's just bad, bad, and there's deliciously bad, and this is so magically deliciously bad that I could eat it all up like a bowl of cereal. The acting outside of cult movie queen Mary Woronov is negligible as far as being called acting, and she is obviously enjoying chewing the scenery around all these amateurs. She's the assistant to the new owner of a series of second-rate movie theaters in the San Fernando Valley, one of which was the scene of a horrific murder by Its former owner. When similar crimes begin to take place at the new theaters, they are extremely bizarre and tastelessly funny, including one of a theater employee being soaked up in hot buttered popcorn while others have the boring predictable old deaths of simply being stabbed.

With horror movies, I tend to give it about half an hour, and in many cases, don't make it much past that. This is so delightfully bad that I watch every waking moment of is 75 minutes, and while I wasn't laughing out loud at the hideousness or the tasteless humor, I was smirking enough to realize that I was actually having a good time. But having a good time and watching a good movie are two different things, and while the film isn't really gory, it's fun to watch for the way people are dispatched in it. There's one particular female employee of the new theater owner, showing up for work in tight final pants, that is without a doubt one of the worst actresses ever, and she's fun to laugh at even though she certainly is not deserving of any sympathy for what happens to her. The sound recording reminds me of a hideously bad adult film, so tinny in tone with its characters speaking with a grin in their voice as if aware they were speaking the type of dialogue they'd never see the likes of again. I give this an extra star just for its audacity. Without that, I would have skipped out a lot sooner.

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