Blood on the Sun


Drama / Romance / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80% · 5 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35% · 250 ratings
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Top cast

Sylvia Sidney as Iris Hilliard
James Cagney as Nick Condon
Marvin Miller as Yamada
Robert Armstrong as Col. Hideki Tojo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeffchan 7 / 10

Culturally sensitive war thriller

Nicely done war thriller with Cagney as a suave but pugnacious newspaper reporter in Japan who comes into possession of secret war plans. The plans are the work of a fascist Baron Tanaka who pushes the war agenda for the right-wing militarists over the objections of those opposed to war. The characters are interesting, and while many are static yet well-played, quite a few others are nicely fleshed out and grow during the plot. Cagney, some of the newspapermen and the female spy have some plot movement to develop their characters with. Even the villains, who could easily be cardboard, are well-played and exhibit human motivation. Obviously this is not a documentary, but it's also not pure melodrama either.

Perhaps the most visually interesting areas of the film are the contrasts between beautiful, high-class modernist settings, a representation of more traditional Japanese architecture, and gritty realistically-dressed street scenes. All the more interesting that the good production and pretty sets were created in Hollywood backlots in 1945 during the war. While this is not a huge film, the production design is as good as anything from the golden age. There is a lot of eye-candy in the set design, tastefully filmed and a treat to view.

The politics and cultural sensitivities of the film are also fascinating and far more balanced and subtle than other reviewers seem to indicate here. Cagney's character is well-immersed in Japanese culture and aware of the social issues of the time. He speaks Japanese, in addition to Chinese, and is a highly-skilled Judo aficionado. The film portrays Japanese opponents of the war as well-meaning but fairly easily countered by ruthless militarists and their secret police which is likely generally accurate. Surely similar struggles played out in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, along with Stalinist Russia, Mao's China and other 20th century totalitarian dictatorships both right and left.

This film is not anti-Japanese; it's anti-Fascist. Those who claim to be unaware of the difference would imply that Japanese are Fascists. That would be unfortunately ignorant.

Reviewed by thinker1691 6 / 10

" Sure we forgive others, but first we get even "

Garrett Fort wrote this interesting story about an America journalist working in Pre-war Japan. Because he is well known reporter his contrive and fabricated article revealing secret invasion plans is seen as a plot against Americas. Jimmy Cagney plays Nick Condon a fast-talking plain spoken Newspaperman who is soon targeted as a threat to Japanese politicians and is marked to be kidnapped and killed. However, the plotters need to retrieve a secret document in his possession. Sylvia Sidney plays Iris Hilliard a double agent out to confuse both sides. Interestingly enough, viewers get to see Robert Armstrong who once headlined the movie 'King Kong' playing the heavy Col. Hideki Tojo. The movie is in Black and white and despite it's standard formula set in the 1940's, the movie plays out for interesting fare. Pay close attention to the Judo fight scene in which Cagney does his own stunts and his opponent is in real life his Judo instructor. A fine movie for fans of the late Jimmy Cagney. ***

Reviewed by matukonyc1 7 / 10

Entertaining Espionage

Jimmy Cagney is like a firecracker in this movie, set in pre-WWII Japan. In some ways it's a cross between Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon and sometimes it's silly (e.g., white actors in Japanese makeup), but it's one of the most entertaining movies of its era. It reminds you how much of a talent James Cagney was - he carries the picture. There are also excellent character performances by Wallace Ford and Porter Hall. Even Sylvia Sidney as an unconvincing half-Chinese vixen has some good moments.

Beware of the DVD, however - the audio is mixed so badly that at times you'll have to put your ear up against the TV to hear the dialogue.

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