Blood & Donuts


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David Cronenberg as Crime Boss
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Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10

Great title and a very sympathetic vampire .............

Going in you know it's going to be strange, but is it going to be good strange, bad strange, or just strange strange? The reason "Blood and Donuts" is good strange is it actually has a very clever script. Introducing Boya, a vampire just awakening after being asleep since 1969, and his trials and tribulations dealing with women and gangsters. He not only has an attraction for the donut shop girl, but a love from his past is hot on his trail, looking for revenge. Throw in David Cronenberg as a neighborhood boss, and you have enough to keep the movie going. The characters are likable, with Gordon Currie a standout as the sensitive rat eating vampire. The film is dialog driven, and the photography is creative. I recommend "Blood and Donuts". - MERK

Reviewed by slmstanley 9 / 10

Not your usual vampire movie

Don't let the lurid cover fool you; this isn't a stupid direct-to-video release with bad dialogue & gratuitous gore. Instead, it's a thoughtful and rather bittersweet movie about a reluctant vampire and his attempts to maintain human contact in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Returning from a self-imposed exile, Boya lives a marginal existence, eating rats in a flophouse,and mourning human friends gone by. Yet,he is drawn to light and life in the form of a neighborhood donut shop and it's fresh-faced counter girl. He also befriends a good-hearted cabbie who dreams of better things and owes money to the wrong kind of people. (And look for David Cronenberg in a juicy cameo role.)

This film is a breath of fresh air in the recent spate of vampire movies which appear to be nothing but an excuse to snarl insults and spray fake blood. Well-acted, well-written, well-directed....go and rent it. You'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by angelynx-2 7 / 10

Original and charming vampire flick

It's not every day you see something original and clever done with the vampire genre, but this does it and then some. This is a unique, low-key, low-gore, charming little movie. Gordon Currie is very likable (and *real* easy on the eyes!) as Boya, the vampire who went into hibernation in 1969 and crawls out to face a grimy world of small-time mobsters, cheap donuts and a bitter ex-girlfriend who's waited 25 years for his return. Determined not to prey on people, Boya runs through dozens of rats and pigeons while forming shy friendships with a nervous cabbie and a smart, ironic donut waitress. The character has such fundamental sweetness and sincerity that he's impossible not to like, reticent and embarrassed about his vampirism but quickly bringing his undead powers to bear when his new friends need help, and quietly mourning the short lifespans of humankind (a theme often blared loudly in vampire films but gentle and subtle here). Much more about people, friendship and self-sacrifice than your average vampire film, and a nice change.

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