Blood Car


Comedy / Horror

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Anna Chlumsky as Lorraine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ElijahCSkuggs 4 / 10

Blood Car? Pfff, it was probably a lemon as well.

Simple ideas can sometimes lead to brilliance. Take Eraserhead, a very easy film to understand turned into a masterpiece of simple, and modest film-making. The film Primer, one of the most simple story-lines ever conceived became a must-see because of the elementary approachability and simple style it used. And with the amazing title, Blood Car, we are once again given a film that uses a simple approach to put smiles on the masses eager faces.

Eh, to get to the flick, that ramble above wasn't very funny and neither was this movie. The flick revolved around a rather unlikeable poindexter who is trying to make an engine that runs on wheatgrass. Oh yeah, the gas prices are around 30 bucks so no one besides rich people drive cars anymore. Getting back on point, the dork eventually finds out that blood makes his lil engine run, and he eventually gets laid by some hot meat lovin' chick, and he ends up killing people so he can get laid more and be successful. Eh, there's some more tidbits here and there, but there's no reason to get into it.

I had slightly high hopes for this flick. And once again, I'm let down. These son of a bitches out there making these posters are doing some damn good jobs. Pig Hunt and Ink are two other flicks I was tricked into watching because of their cool posters. Bully to that!

The flick ain't all bad as there's some nudity, some okay acting, a couple scenes of splattery blood, and maybe a giggle or two. But the humor in this flick is tacked on much too much. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who dig this type of college/try too hard/nerd humor, but it's not my cup of tea. Check it out if you're bored, easily amused, or have a vendetta against oil companies. Bah humbug!

Reviewed by PhilipGHarris 6 / 10

Blood, Breasts and Politics. Oh and a car!

Well it's the first film I've seen to have a Vegan character as the lead! Blood Car is an odd but enjoyable film and whilst it is not by any means perfect it has some absolutely classic scenes that make you forget the duller sections.

However Blood Car is not a film I would recommend to everyone (and falls into the genre of Peter Jacksons earlier work). Alex Orr blatantly uses sex, gore and bad taste to drive large parts of the film and it almost felt that you were in the 80's again with the large amount of breasts being shown on the screen.

The plot is simple enough and nothing unusual given the horror genre this film fits into. Where it excels is at the start and end of the film which are also interestingly the more political monologues (or as close to as makes little odds).

The real problem I had was with the lead Mike Brune. Not as woeful an actor as I have seen his delivery was still hit or miss, making him drag some scenes down. This especially didn't help as the two female leads (Chlumsky and Rowlett) both excelled in their parts and were obviously enjoying the whole experience.

Things to look out for have to be the chalk-board in the schoolroom which changes for each new scene.

I'd have loved to give it a higher rating but when jokes fall flat you tend to remember and it made this an up and down comedy rather than living to its potential.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 7 / 10

Blood Car

Sick-in-the-head, foul-mouthed, crude-humored comedy satire on the obsession of fuel about a quiet, scrawny, geeky vegan kindergarten schoolteacher, Archie Andrews(Mike Brune)who discovers by accident that his wheat-grass engine in fact works on blood. Through trial and error, Archie creates a metal fan chopper which he sets up in his trunk for animals with a long plastic tube that feeds blood to the engine..but soon Archie finds that people make his car's engine run longer. What ultimately motivates Archie to commit such atrocities like dumping the carcasses of a dead old woman neighbor, war vet with plastic limbs(..he actually beats the poor guy into the trunk with his own plastic leg), a bubbly hot brain-dead blond(..he goads her to his trunk by proclaiming that puppies are back there), and black gangster(..and a gas station owner who wishes to know why the black gangster was in Archie's trunk)in his trunk body smasher is the fact that profane and slutty Meat Stand operator(!)Denise(Katie Rowlett)will perform all kinds of sexual acts just to have the pleasures of riding in a car(..she has a superiority complex deriving from the idea that those who ride in cars are simply better than those who can not afford to). The relationship between Archie and Denise is a tool for an endless parade of homosexual'll find out as you watch it. Lorraine(..cutie Anna Chlumsky, of "My Girl" fame who is so short and nerdy, but so darn likable), the Vegan Stand operator(!)carries a torch for Archie even creating perverse artistic renderings between them. But, most of the film shows Archie escaping endless threats by government suits who wish to commandeer the vehicle so that his blood car can be studied and mass-produced for the marketplace since gas runs 33 dollars a gallon(..this warped comedy is set slightly in the future). Most of the comedy is dead pan using skinny, weakly Archie, who bores his poor students to tears reading from novels that mean nothing to their rather young ears, as this vessel of parody..he's often "showcased" in various sexual scenarios with Denise who may be "more" than she appears(hint:during their first sexual confrontation, she has him wearing his own shirt over his face). Chlumsky, who doesn't appear in that many film since her childhood days, is just adorable yet carries this wanton sexual desire for Archie that culminates in a less-than-enthusiastic(..for her, it is, but Archie, no)sexual episode on his bed(..not elaborated, so sorry for those who are curious about what Chlumsky might look like naked). Also, a running series of gore-gags concern the government agents who always seem to foul up either capturing Archie or his car, often ending up as fuel. For the most part, this film isn't for the easily offended, because most of the "funny" jokes and gags are really rather in poor taste. For instance, what the government agents do with all those who know Archie, so that they can erase his existence. SPOILER Or, the final gag where Archie, now perhaps President of the USA, holding an infant, does something with the newborn so that good ole America could still run those cars. While, the dialogue doesn't always tickle the funny-bone, there's enough outrageous moments of grue and blood splatter, along with the equal doses of wicked gags to sustain interest. But, this will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers.

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