Blind Date Book Club


Action / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8/10 10 658 658


Top cast

Erin Krakow as Meg Tompkins
Robert Buckley as Graham Sterling
Rochelle Greenwood as Talia Cambridge
Hilary Jardine as Lizzy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by allmoviesfan 7 / 10

Hallmark Star Power

It's refreshing to see Erin Krakow in a Hallmark movie that isn't a period piece. She and Robert Buckley (of "One Tree Hill" and "Chesapeake Shores" fame) are both big Hallmark guns, and are both well cast in an original and well-written story (no tired tropes or cliches to be seen here!) set on Nantucket, but filmed - like most Hallmark movies - in British Columbia.

The chemistry between Krakow's Meg, a book store owner, and Buckley's Graham, a writer suffering from that terrible affliction of writer's block, is on point from their very first scene together. It's this chemistry that makes the movie so good.

I enjoyed this one. Hope we see more movies with Krakow and Buckley starring together.

Reviewed by MIssM19 8 / 10

Two great protagonists.

Meg is a bookshop owner that hosts the "Blind date with a book club", which has become popular enough to be featured on the radio. One listener, Graham, travels to Nantucket to convince Meg to put his book on the list for said club.

Big shot writer from big town travels to a small town in pursue of a bookshop and has a meet cute with the owner. Who doesn't love a cliche?

Hallmark knew what they were going when they put these two together. Erin is definitely a fan favorite who manages to have chemistry with every single one of her co-stars. Put Robert in the mix who is so very charming and you have a hit.

I really liked the movie. There were a few silly things that had me rolling my eyes, like they didn't think anyone would see his picture in the back of the book? But hey, this is still Hallmark and we like it for it.

It's true it was kind of slow at times and definitely something we have seen before but it's definitely worth the watch alone for our two leads.

Reviewed by dryice-01976 5 / 10

Toxic book club owner lives happily ever after

I've seen Erin in a lot of movies, but I feel the writing and direction of her character in this movie didn't make sense. She's fostering a culture of nasty book snobs. To quote Taylor Swift, "so casually cruel in the name of being honest." Yup, that's her.

Robert's character is so nice and positive and yet he's constantly berated by her. She demeans his writing, saying it's just for teens, and "formulaic."Somehow those insults are a turn-on because he finds them "refreshing" and "honest". Sorry, I don't buy it. At one point you think that Erin's character feels some kind of remorse for her sharp criticisms, but nope, she doesn't.

If you find this review to be nasty thus far, you can chalk it up as inspired by the protagonist being a truth teller. I'm just following her lead, right?

Some positives of the movie: the acting was good. This was the first movie I've seen Robert Buckley in, and he's pretty solid. The premise of the movie was great. I was really excited for this one because Hallmark generally nails it on movies centering around authors and writing. Also, Erin's usually solid. I'm a Heartie, Team Nathan. But her character, as written, does not espouse the values that Hallmark normally embodies.

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