Bite Marks


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 4.2/10 10 698 698


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mangoamante 5 / 10


This was a fun and funny B-rate gem. Don't expect great acting, but there were some good campy moments and fans of B-rate will get a kick out of it. Plus the main characters were gay guys so that's a nice twist.

Reviewed by pattamus-1 4 / 10

'Bite Marks', a gay vampire comedy

Since no one reviewed this, I decided I would since I made the first thread and a few people are at least talking about this, so might as well review it.

First off, this is a genre movie that targets a certain demographic (See above if you don't know what i'm getting at. It's a rare "gay" horror comedy. When I first watched this, I didn't know that.

Knowing what it is about, and not taking it too seriously, this could be OK for people into this kind of thing.

The movie was on a shoestring budget, with only about 2 locations, and a few actors. One of them is the guy who played "Evil Ed" in Fright Night, which i'm sure will attract some to this.

Basically, there's a gay couple and an in the closet "straight guy" in a truck with coffins in the back. Of course we all know what comes out of the coffins. They did do some creative things with the vamps, at least I will give them that.

Most of the jokes fall flat and it's totally schlocky, but that is what it is aiming for I guess. It wasn't for me, and if you don't like things of this type, i'd suggest you miss it.

The director or anyone representing this is missing, but I have a feeling one of them posted on the boards.. This probably won't even be picked up for distribution.

I gave this a 4/10 because I did watch it all the way through, because of what they did with the vamps, and a few of the jokes were OK, but most fell flat.

At first when I didn't know what this was supposed to be, I rated it lower. But if you want a silly movie to watch with some throwback references and homages, this might pass some time for you one night.

Reviewed by atinder 5 / 10

An average horror movie

I am not big fan of vamps movies, however this movie was horror/comedy!

The movies about two gays guys, who are on a trip and they get a ride with the trucker, who carrying coffins in the truck.

The movie takes a while for anything to real happen and the first half hour of the movie, the first scene in the movie, we see Trucker and his girlfriends and soon later. about other 20 Min's the guys having sex in toilet, when tucker stops for some lunch!

With that out the way, the movie really get started after 30mins mark,then they found out there are some creatures, the couple makes some comments about Dawn of the dead both! old and remake, they find out that are they vampires.

This movie makes it's own rules long the way, which l liked!

Really liked the fact that your Urine could kill a vampire, which I found really funny and never seen before, they are some really funny moments and they are some silly moments, which are little too baby-ish something that you will see in kids TV show.

Acting was okay but the vampires were not scary at all, but I never found vampires scary anyway (Expect for the Boy at the window in Salem's lot ) make up effect were really poor for the vampires.

It's was a fun movie 5 out of 10, it's not avoid movie at all but don't rush it out to see either, as it's just another An average horror movie.

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