Bhaji on the Beach


Adventure / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 1244 1.2K

Top cast

Hugo Speer as Andy / white youth
Kim Vithana as Ginder
Souad Faress as Rekha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sophocles 7 / 10

bhaji on the beach impresses

watching bhaji on the beach is a charming experience. gurinder chadha's debut movie is a wonderful display of her obvious talents in presenting a pleasant picture of the indian diaspora without sugar-coating it. conflicts related to gender, generation and race abound, but the film never gets depressing. full of characters and fuller of huge variety in background music, it creates an upbeat, captivating atmosphere.

chadha's latest film, bend it like beckham simply cannot match upto the charms of bhaji on the beach. while the former is more commercially driven, the latter is an honest, cheeky and ultimately endearing experience. from the inquisitive shots of a busy carnival to the innocently affable punjabi songs the women sing on the bus, the first-time director has done a brilliant job in this socio-cultural amalgam of more than half-a-dozen important characters.

strongly recommended for anyone who likes 'slice of life' movies. its been ten years since gurinder chadha made this film. several movies have been made on the NRI experience, but only two have matched up to its brilliance - east is east and leela. bhaji on the beach is a must-see.


Reviewed by sol- 6 / 10

City Lights

An assortment of Indian women (teenagers, middle aged and the elderly) face racial prejudice, stereotyping, generational gaps and individual inner demons on a trip to see the Blackpool Illuminations in this debut feature from 'Bend It Like Beckham' director Gurinder Chadha. The film gets off to a solid start with a surreal opening sequence in which a well cast Lalita Ahmed is trapped by contemporary British culture in direct conflict with her inner roots. Ahmed is, however, only one of around a dozen main characters, and the film varies in how engaging it is as it weaves in and out of subplots varying from an unwanted pregnancy, to a young woman who has taken her son with her to Blackpool to escape an abusive husband, to two older women who believe that something is wrong with modern youth. With solid performances all round, the film never bores, though the highlight is clearly Ahmed, whose surreal daydreams increase in frequency and intensity as she lets herself be romanced by a British acquaintance. The shots of Blackpool at night are a wonder to behold too, with the glowing lights providing an appropriate dreaminess to this tale of Indian women reassessing their dreams in life.

Reviewed by smatysia 6 / 10

Surprisingly charming

A surprisingly charming little film about a multi-generational group of ethnic Indian women in England going for a day trip to the seaside. The movie dabbles in a number of issues, problems some of the women have, and problems they have with each other, mostly to do with a HUGE generation gap, something often found in immigrant families. A number of the actresses were quiet good, especially Lalita Ahmed. This one's worth a look if you're tired of murders, explosions, and car chases. Grade: B

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