Be My Cat: A Film for Anne


Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88% · 8 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68% · 100 ratings
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Reviewed by jeffery11 7 / 10


A nasty film for fans of Gaspar Noe and the film Man Bites Dog in particular. Avoid if you don't like realistic or extreme horror.

Reviewed by wolfganglacey 7 / 10

for 87 minutes i WAS anne hathaway.

I dont even know what to say.. this was a lot. Made my skin crawl!! Adrian tofei i am very scared of you.

I found the format a little repetitive, mostly in the middle, and there were moments where i wasn't sure about certain bits of the ramblings where it felt heavy handed or overlong in a way that didn't do anything for me but honestly who cares when you have gems like the swift cut to I DONT LIKE BOYS AND I DONT LIKE DOGS

what a TENSE ending. Very curious about tofei's upcoming we put the world to sleep!

Reviewed by itrevorallen 7 / 10

At last, a piece of art that adds to the flooded found footage genre.

Is this film perfect? Absolutely not. Is this film good? Absolutely! Great? That's for you to decide, however I loved the flick and I'm sure select others will as well.

It's quite rare a found footage movie introduces a new theme into the flooded "low budget", "starting director", "easy out" punching bag of a genre FF has become. With that being said, this movie certainly shakes things up, adding a brand new perspective. The realism of the movie is shocking and encompasses a sophistication not shared my many other films. Psychologically thrilling with an appropriate amount of gore / sadism, lacking any "over the top" undesirable rubbish (yes, I'm talking about you Extreme genre of filmography).

The average viewer may not be attracted to this, and yes, a bit of depravity can be found within this 87min of entertainment.

Plot : 8/10 Script : 9/10 Acting : 7/10 Gore : 6/10 (but I'm a bit of a gore hound)

Overall I will rate this at 7/10, as I do feel there's some room for improvement.

Cannot wait to see what director/actor Adrian Tofei has in store for us.

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