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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aaabsi 4 / 10

Great start for Fatima and the team

I understand that this is the first baby steps for the Saudi Film industry. Taking that into account makes us understand the pitfalls of the movie. The storyline is weak. The actors reactions are sometimes are unrealistic to the situations they are trying to depict.

Also, I am always hesitant whenever someone is trying to project their own experiences, interactions, memories into a movie, I am not sure if the story has anything to do with Fatima own life story but that is the sensation I got.

Finally, I was not sure what the main message of the movie was, Fatima did iterate a message at the closure but I was not sure that the movie actually delivered this message.

At the end, I applaude them for the effort and for better future productions.

Reviewed by jkdaiess 1 / 10

Waste of time

Boring, bad acting and cringey dialogue are just a few of the criticisms of this movie. The movie is suppose to tackle the difficult topic of mental illness but the storyline is a caricature of what someone thinks mental illness looks like. It feels like someone had some money and decided to make a "cool" movie set in Saudi Arabia with no context or insight as to the story they wanted to tell.

A few more points: Montana is a state, not a city. LA did not turn into a desert like Saudi Arabia after an earthquake in the 90s. If you're going to depict the main character as working towards a PHD in Environmental Engineering and she's talking about the topic, don't describe it in a nonsensical way. Have a point. All around disappointing.

Reviewed by janaahmad-76313 5 / 10

Fair enough

5 out of 10 for trying. I felt a bit disconnected, and couldn't figure out the purpose. The acting wasn't the best.

Basma is a girl who traveled to LA to get her master's. When she came back she realized that everything has changed after the pandemic, to find out that her parents broke up, and her father was suffering from mental and health problems.

Suddenly a boy and a girl showed up, I couldn't figure who were they, her cousins? Or old friends?

Obviously the boy is in love with her but I can't tell if she loves him back or not. Basma herself can't tell that?????

How come she never called or asked about her father for two years???!!!!

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