Baieti Destepti


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gepetordi 2 / 10

No...better waste your time reading a book!!

The film continues the series of horrible movies made in Romania. Acting = zero! Stunts = zero! Script = Horrible!

The actors try, but they only manage to make fun of themselves with their sinister game! Most of them are not actors, they are singers, they are anything but actors. The Romanian acting school had great actors, who also played in international productions.

Those of today are a pale shadow of those before 1989. Everything is so lame...from the sets, weapons, acting, everything, everything, everything!

You can't have expectations from a scripted joke, written on your knee. You can say that it is an attempt at comedy, transformed into a grotesque parody!

Olimpia Melinte is the only ray of sunshine in this sinister film. But she doesn't manage to illuminate anything either...

All in all = better waste your time reading a book!!

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by castoica 2 / 10

When a bad script meets bad actors and an inept director

A truly badly scripted, acted, and directed movie. Foreign audiences might not catch the bad and utterly false acting but trust me, it is really awful.

While I am not an avid fan of all of the more famous directors of the so-called New Romanian Cinema (Porumboiu, Puiu, Mungiu), at least these guys know how to pick a good script, good actors, and how to direct a movie.

This is not the case of this director, Igor Cobileanski. I cannot help but wonder who was so stupid to finance it. If it was financed from state funds -- which happens in the case of some films here -- then the jury that decided to finance this movie should be fired. Avoid this movie at all costs!

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