Badland Hunters

2024 [KOREAN]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71% · 21 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 9365 9.4K

Top cast

Earl Baylon as Nam San
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moorek 5 / 10

Not bad, Good filler but a one-time viewing

While I give the film a 5, I'm not sure if it should be that high. I watched it and didn't fast forward and that is a good sign. They didn't laden the film with too much subtext so the plot moves along fairly quickly. Yet it didn't offer anything that we've not seen before.

But that moving of the plot along also made the movie oddly disjointed with chunks of the story left unanswered or touched on very briefly. Things like: *Why did an earthquake in one area destroy so much of the world? And that scene happened so fast and there was no explanation. And then suddenly we were in the future.

*After that kind of earthquake, why wouldn't people be out in rural areas for farming.

*A crocodile?

*How did the two hunters catch up to the same area where grandmother was killed? If the group left as early as implied then they'd have had a great head start.

*The ending comes as fast as the beginning. Just a passing reference to "staying here and rebuilding" and the visit to the grave. They could have added a few more minutes to show us the repercussions.

*What is "mister's" background? Everyone seems to know him.

"How did he save the girl before? That's just dropped on us.

*Where is all the security? Three people, one of whom is not a fighter, were able to break in and take out all the security. You'd think roaming gangs would have been able to do that to get access to the water.

*And really, rain at the last moment?

The acting wasn't bad but still fairly average. I liked some of the actors playing bit parts as parents more than some of the main characters. I like Ma Dong-seok in the few things I've seen him in and he did well but he's not the kind of actor that I see carrying out this role - even though I know he has a martial arts background.

So it's worth a watch but just put your brain in a holding pattern.

Reviewed by xnicofingerx 6 / 10

Cheese with blood and slime

The latest Hong Kong actioner or the latest Don Lee trademark, that was the question beforehand. The good news: both. When he dominates the screen, the place rocks, as usual. But that's where the euphoria ends. "When he dominates the screen" is unfortunately not in the usual or desired rhythm. The post-apocalypse is, of course, based on pure CGI in the latest fast-paced filming, obviously. The story is rather hare-brained, nothing new, no aha effect. A half-baked mix of end times, dystopia, action, mad scientist, zombie horror, mutant horror and comedy elements. Half of the actors indulge in overacting. After all, such a crude mixture has a way of not being boring. And the gorehounds are also treated to a few brutal gore, especially in the finale. All in all, a can, not a must.

Reviewed by Luv2Spooge 7 / 10

Not really a sequel

The genre and style of this movie differs so much from Concrete Utopia, it should not be considered a sequel as much as a spin off. As such it should be evaluate on it's own rather than a comparison to Concrete Utopia.

While the predecessor was more of a allegory of understand humanity, this film is straight out an action thriller. For that it is pretty entertaining and will give you a night of fun with your friends.

The positive notes are the well choreographed fights, which are both fast yet clear. I especially like the incorporation of various techniques including boxing, martial arts, and wrestling. The gun fights scenes were very John Wickesque, with fast reaction, gun changing hands, load and reload.

The weak point is the plot, which is generic and cliche. However, that is expected in action films, the real issue is the creative elements which seems at time to be slow and confusing.

With a runtime of 1 hr and 48 mins, this film can easily be trimmed of 20 minutes for a smoother ride. Some fight scenes were a bit too extended that they become repetitive and some story elements were not necessary in complexity and can be eliminated.

Overall a 6 or 7. But I'll put 7 for the attempted effort in creativity of the plot device, which I will not state as a spoiler.

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