Bad Faith



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Peter Coyote as Self - Narrator
Tucker Carlson as Self - Host, Tucker Carlson Tonight
Jimmy Carter as Self -39th President of the United States
Barack Obama as Self - 44th President of the United States
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thalassafischer 9 / 10

Everyone Should See This

While I am one of the people who already knew a lot of this stuff (and the reels and reels of information they had to cut I guess for brevity's sake like Barry Goldwater's role in The Southern Strategy and how Reagan expanded it) this documentary needs to be seen by everyone.

In fact I found it strange that they also didn't mention Project 2025 which is widespread and available for everyone to see, just go to the website to witness the Christian Nationalist terror OPENLY afoot. As of today mainstream media is talking about how Trump Republicans want complete control of the government which is not how our US government is meant to work. We have established checks and balances for a reason, every 10th grader who passed World Civ should know that.

There's no conspiracy theories here just for information on just how far back this stretches with the Moral Majority in the 70s and 80s. If anything, pertinent information is missing.

Reviewed by recklessron 8 / 10

GOD wants you to vote Republican or you can rot in hell! lol

If you understand the history of the USA you won't like this at all. It is a documented record of Christian Nationalist's attempt to completely re-write its history. As Christians, facts are not important. Rhetoric rules. Christ loves America more than any other country - despite not having been created at the time they claim Jesus existed.

Read your bible. Somewhere in it says that America is a Christian nation and Christians deserve to rule over everyone one else because they are morally superior to others. The American government and constitution were created to support Christian rule.... lol

Or you could read some history and learn the founding fathers were dead set against creating a Christian, or any other religious, nation. Warping history is something every religion attempts to do. Believing lies doesn't make them facts but Christians are masters at believing multiple conflicting ideas at the same time. This documentary tries to point that out.

Reviewed by panta-4 3 / 10

Some good info but made into propaganda piece

Overthrowing the democracy in the USA? What democracy? Drug dealers are running that country from day 1 just they were well dressed and used tools in form of politicians to fulfil their wishes... so that claim in the first three minutes was gone through the window... I guess people had enough of the drug dealers running the show! But, they turn to another puppet... sadly! Check the real USA history from day one , AND SEE WHO WERE THE PEOPLE WHO STARTED THE IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES and where their money came from.

I admit, this was partly informative but used for changing THE VIEWS OF THOSE WHO BELIEVE DIFFERENTLY from those who are changing the whole pattern of the society people knew the last 250 years. The war on Christianity started and as much as I want this not to be true, this documentary is just a part of staining a faith of billions through acts of those who were there showing extreme behaviour and are always on someone's pay list. The same people do that with ANY faith. They blame the Christian nationalism omitting the role of the Woke movement and the lack of real democracy steering the ordinary people towards that Christian nationalism... so, just another tool of confusing the people while they all continue their dirty business.

Summary comes around 29' where Anne Nelson, author of Shadow Network, tells that the certain "vision of religion needed to dominate our American culture against the society... they realized that this is going against the majority of Americans but they have the right and obligation to do that. Now, why is that they feel entitled to dominate American society? Why should these people have dominion over the rest of us?" SHE AND STEPHEN UJLAKI, the director, NEVER ASK THIS SAME QUESTION ABOUT THE WOKE MOVEMENT! Ask them why!?

Divide and conquer - works again!

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