Baby Girl



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Sara Catherine Bellamy as Cody Fields
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by missraze 2 / 10

I wasn't gonna do it...

I wasn't gonna write a (bad) review.

But after reading insultingly fake reviews, I had to. I don't care if no one comes across this title to even see the reviews; I'm doing this for historical purposes just in case.

This is where I draw the line: So the writer is Brandon Trask, according to iMDB and the review that I will post here verbatim to show how stupid these people think viewers are to think we wouldn't notice how fake this is:

"Sexy thriller wtrask-3401517 May 2019 I usually watch comedies and Hallmark movies. This is certainly not one of them! But I really enjoyed it. Great acting and script, plus exceptional cinematography, music and special effects. The ending did not disappoint. A thumbs up."

Written by W. Trask. See that? T.r.a.s.k. So either there's some nepotism going on here, or the writer is catfishing good reviews. Now I will not leave a decent review. Do not insult viewers!

Also, they said "normally I watch comedies and Hallmark." I am personally offended because I love Hallmark/I am subbed to them and Lifetime too. What's wrong with that? And this movie thinks that the people saying we don't like this if we like comedies/Hallmark is so far detached from reality up their own backhole that they think the issue is that this film is too "dark" for us. Newsflash, a raging lightning storm is darker than this film lol. In all honesty, though, I do not even know how "dark" this movie is because I can't stomach going further supporting someone who catfishes and nepotizes reviews. I will agree that the neon colors against the nocturnal urban background, sure, but it was kinda wasted on this movie simply because of the pretentious performances. Kudos for making a film, though, and for being creative, but skroo you for those insulting reviews.

Reviewed by labng 3 / 10

No bueno

Acting talent must not have been on the checklist when they cast this one. That being said, the dialog and emotional depth of the story wasn't ever going to make anyone a star. The only thing interesting was Diablo and her dangerous, freaky chick vibe. That can't exactly carry a film, though.

Reviewed by johndoughimdb 1 / 10

fake reviews followed by real ones

There are a bunch of 9 and 10 star reviews, but all the recent ones are 1 or 2 stars i think that says all you need to know, and the trailer is a joke

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