Baby Geniuses


Comedy / Crime / Family / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 2.6/10 10 27725 27.7K


Top cast

Kim Cattrall as Robin
Miko Hughes as Sly / Whit
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by himikey 2 / 10

"Howard the Duck" of the 90s

This movie is painfully unoriginal and sickeningly unfunny. Your bucket of movie popcorn will draw more laughs, while also being less irritating. Only for the very young and/or the easily amused. My vote? 2/10

Reviewed by howgooey2000 3 / 10

A terrible TERRIBLE movie

the only reson they made this movie was to show off their special effects which suck now compared to anything else basiclly a scientest finds out babys speak their own language and are actually smart but this scientest is DUN DUN DUUUUN EVIL so the babys have to stop them (by the way now suddenly the babys can talk to the adults some how) which they do in some stupid unbeliveable way that would only happen if the "evil scientests" were the stupidest pieces of crap ever to walk the face of the earth and I almost forgot Once you turn 2 or 3 or something you forget about having your own language and everything of so all in all:

no plot + no effects +no acting= DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE

PS. I saw this movie 4 years ago so I might have been going a little easy on it

PSS. I dont like saying PS. so im never going to say it again

who the hell says ps anyway

Reviewed by chatykat 4 / 10

Oh my God!

Don't even get me started on this one. I mean talking babies, it was okay in Look Who's Talking, but come on babies that are geniuses. So what they can spell their ABC's early, my niece can spell her's and she's 2 years old. Just when you're in the movie station just pass by it.

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