1993 [HINDI]

Crime / Drama / Musical / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.6/10 10 30159 30.2K

Top cast

Shah Rukh Khan as Ajay Sharma
Kajol as Priya
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by houghtonconnor17 8 / 10

Shocking for its Time and Still A Good Film Today

Baazigar can correctly be regarded as a classic of Hindi cinema for three major reasons. The primary reason that Baazigar works so well as a movie is that the expectation for Hindi films, especially romances as this one first appears to be, is for the good guy to beat up the bad guys, and yet Shah Rukh Khan here assays a malevolently likable character who steals the scene as well as our hearts, all while playing a psychotic killer. In all fairness, Shahrukh's Ajay Varma is given a fairly sympathetic back story to not completely dehumanize him, and yet the victims of his aggression often seem to be innocent and unaware of his background. Secondarily, the performance by Kajol as the younger sister of Shahrukh's first victim is so heartfelt and genuine that you could swear that she had been acting for decades. In addition, her chemistry with Shahrukh Khan's character leaves the viewer in the unenviable position of wishing the best for these star-crossed lovers even while fully knowing the evil that Ajay has done and plans yet to do to Kajol's Priya. Finally, the action and fight scenes depicted in the film, while definitely cheesy by todays much more bloated standards, are all fairly well choreographed to give true emotion. Unlike the Dabaangs and Rowdy Rathore's of today, where visual effects create super-humans out of corrupt cops and serve primarily to distort the laws of physics, Abbas-Mustan have managed to capture so much raw emotion through the fight scenes on a very personal level. This is not to say that Baazigar is without faults. Despite the wonderful acting by both Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, we are never quite sure (and this actually may be a strength instead of a weakness, but that is up to interpretation) what Ajay's intentions are for Priya, or whether, after learning about his true character (and so much more within the last 10 minutes of the film), Priya still loves Ajay in the end. Also, while much of the acting is good, some of Shahrukh's scenes, especially this early in his career, are fairly hammy and overdone. In addition, Shilpa Shetty's portrayal of the classic abla naari, while decently portrayed, does very little to garner support for her character. All in all, if you are looking for a pure emotional roller coaster of a film, Baazigar is definitely up your alley. Just be ready for what you are getting into, as some of those emotions will be very dark.

Reviewed by nadkarnisumeet 8 / 10

SRKs gamble worked!!

Baazigar review :

A huge gamble for then rising star Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) who dared to play the titular anti-hero role rejected by his peers Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar; Baazigar became an instant box office hit and catapulted SRK in to the top league.

Anu Malik's melodious score and Abbas -Mustan's slick direction deserve due credit but Baazigar was all about SRK and the fantastic way in which he portrayed the dual characters - one a scheming lover who bumps off Shilpa Shetty in an iconic scene and second, her sister Kajol's supposedly sympathetic boyfriend. The twist in the tale comes from a missing contact lens which makes for an exhilarating scene where SRK frantically searches for it in the wash basin to avoid being caught!!!

Another fave scene of mine is where he sits on the CEO chair with legs on the table after being newly appointed to lead the business conglomerate of his enemy Dalip Tahil and SRK's expressions in it are just fantastic!!

Despite playing the anti-hero, the audience sympathy goes with SRK once we get to know his tragic backstory with Rakhee playing his maa much before Karan Arjun (1995).

Baazigar not just established SRK but also started his much loved pairing with Kajol - they spell magic together in the 'Baazigar o baazigar' and 'Yeh kaali kaali aankhen' song which became chartbusters.

Released in Diwali 1993 at Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai, the film became a silver jubilee hit and paved the way for Yash Chopra's Darr (1993) another hit with SRK as the villain. Both, Baazigar and Darr, are one of SRK's finest performances and a befitting reward for taking such a huge risk at the beginning of his career. Real life Baazigar, indeed!!

Regards, Sumeet Nadkarni

Reviewed by Peter_Young 7 / 10

The beginning of a phenomenon...

Baazigar is a wonderful suspense thriller made by Abbas Mastan, but the real reason it is well-known today is quite clear, and it's called Shahrukh Khan. Disregarding its unoriginality, the film is extremely entertaining and interesting, more towards the second half. In the first half, the point is a bit unclear and the film does not flow well, but the film takes a major plot twist after an hour or so when we get to see a rather shocking scene, which is completely unexpected and is the film's most drastic turn. Following this scene, it starts getting increasingly thrilling with inflaming and unusual proceedings and great suspense. I appreciated the film for its good script and for its loyalty to the general Hindi film style despite a very distinct and innovative formula, but I would still delete several comic scenes which are unnecessary and at times even pathetic.

The film quite clearly belongs to Shahrukh Khan who skillfully displays something very disturbing within his personality. It is a very balanced performance, and Khan successfully portrays the many sides of his character, whether it's the simple guy whose pain motivates him to take revenge, the romantic hero, or the psychopathic murderer. Kajol is splendid in a performance that is both natural and intense. She comes across as a very brave and smart girl. Shilpa Shetty gives a brilliant debut performance (and she is hot!). Raakhee is typecast as the suffering mother who loses her mental sanity, and she does it well. Johnny Lever is at times hilarious and at times unbearable, Dalip Tahil does not impress much, and Siddharth is adequate but he too is a bit annoying in some scenes.

Anu Malik's soundtrack is very good: "Baazigar O Baazigar" is lovely, "Kitaben Bahut Si" is wonderful, "Ae Mere Humsafar" is melodious and "Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen" is too cool. Overall, Baazigar is an extremely enjoyable flick. While the first half is a bit boring, involving all the possible Bollywood masala, including action, romance and silly jokes, the second half enjoys a fantastic development of story, involving the most unconventional moves a Hindi film could have at that time. Towards the end the film gets to be even more intriguing. A very sad flashback is followed by an unpredictable ending which is heart-breaking yet satisfying. The final verdict is therefore highly positive. I recommend.

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