Avram Iancu Împotriva imperiului


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by radu-sibiu84 1 / 10

Scam. Don't go

First. This is not a movie. This is a documentary. Nowhere on the poster is stated that this is a documentary. Nowhere on imdb is stated that this is not a movie but a documentary.

Second: the sound is horrendous. 80% of people talking is just trying to guess what they are saying. I don't understand how romanians still makes this kind of "movies" in 2024. I was so upset that i got tickets for this that i wanted to cry right there. This should be illegal to watch in any country. Very bad "actors", "very bad acting", worst sound in the last 10 years. You will not understand anything. Please don't watch this.

Reviewed by vladciobanu-96307 9 / 10

A good documentary

Given the short notice, short time filming, and short production, the movie ended up great! As I have read through some articles I understood that this is a private movie made by some people who wanted to inform the population about the life of our national hero. The point of this project was not to create a hollywood cinematic masterpiece using a huge budget, as user "av_zoloft" thought in his review. Any information about the movie and about how it is a documentary, was all over the internet, you need to only search for it.

The only downside is that the movie started a bit abruptly, at the beginning we are already during the revolution, with a backstory that was not easy to understand if you were not already informed about it. This can leave a lot of people confused, especially when they don't know why the revolution started.

It is not a typical docu-drama, there is also a narrator who jumps in to explain certain aspects between the scenes. Some people liked it, some people disliked it, but for me it was quite refreshing after all the other basic docu-dramas that I've watched. You could say it was more "docu" than "docu-drama", which as I mentioned feels refreshing, because most docu-dramas nowadays focus more on the drama part and forget about the documentary part. I prefer movies like these rather than pathetic movies like napoleon.

In conclusion, it is a good movie, worth watching if you are interested to see a documentary and you like history. It is not a movie to watch if you want to have fun with your friends on a night out, if you did that and got disappointed, it is your own fault, don't blame the movie or the producers.

Reviewed by maximmediaadvertising 10 / 10

A very successful docu-drama!

It is the first historical film made in Romania, different from the classic films of Sergiu Nicolaescu. It is a new vision, a very successful docu-drama that highlights very well the life and what Avram Iancu went through.

The movie keeps you very attentive. The information is very well structured.

The actors play very well. I was delighted with Horia Fedorca, who blends in very well with the character and closely resembles Avram Iancu in his youth. The ending is a bit unexpected, but very well done.

I recommend it to everyone who likes historical films. It's a good movie, which I personally liked!

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