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Reviewed by wall17 5 / 10

Despite Flaws has some nuggets for Hitch fans

As agitprop, as other reviews have noted, this one perhaps isn't the kind of Howard Hawks rabble-rouser one would have expected to be produced in the throes of war. It's also notably low-budget, with all the scenes being produced in cramped indoor sets that accommodate very little motion, either among the actors or with the camera.

That said, there are some classic Hitch moments within. There's the theme of the double, the double-agent and the duel (and duality) between the two antagonists, one a veteran of Verdun and a prominent defense lawyer, and the other the chief of police and security for Vichy Madagascar. There's the moment when one of the resistance fighters, about to leave for England to join the French Army, is betrayed by his fiancée who either believes this will keep him with her or is getting revenge -- we never know -- slowly, slowly moves towards the phone to drop a dime on him (and our hero), and the phone slowly comes into focus in the foreground. And there's this odd narrative device of having the story told from backstage of a French theater troupe in London -- exactly why the lawyer ended up doing a theatrical performance, after having escaped the Vichy and been a producer of his own propaganda radio broadcasts, is completely unclear, but it may be Hitch's subtle way of using the artifice of the production values to his good advantage. Even if you don't speak French, it's fun picking out the classic rhythms of dialogue and editing pace common to Hitch. Compare, for instance, to the almost contemporaneous 'Lifeboat', which was another completely talky piece of wartime agitprop shot in incredibly close confines (literally so in the latter case). If you can't use the great horizons of the outdoors, use the claustrophobic to generate that sense of dread of being caught that must've been endemic to being part of a secret resistance.

I wouldn't seek this out unless you're interested in the social history of propaganda, the French resistance, or unless you're looking for a research paper for film school on Hitch, but given its short running time it is hardly a waste of time.

Reviewed by Ron Oliver 10 / 10

A Tidbit From Sir Alfred Hitchcock

A corrupt Vichy police official & a wily Resistance lawyer have their own intense AVENTURE MALAGACHE during the early years of the Second World War.

Although having lived in Hollywood since 1939, famed film director Alfred Hitchcock nevertheless wanted to be involved in some way with the British war effort against the Axis. So, in 1943 he returned to London & took up the assignment to direct a couple of propaganda films aimed at the French, under the auspices of the British Ministry of Information.

The two film shorts which resulted - BON VOYAGE & AVENTURE MALAGACHE (both 1944) - did not excite the Ministry and were given only very brief exhibition, after which they languished for decades in the vaults of the British Film Institute. Hitchcock, meanwhile, his war service satisfied, returned to California.

AVENTURE MALAGACHE (Adventure in Madagascar) is basically a look at the extreme antagonism between the two principal characters, cut off, as they are, from the main action of the War due to their Indian Ocean location. Extremely fast moving, it demands unblinking attention on the part of the viewer, especially if one must needs be forced to rely on the English subtitles. The acting & production values are quite good - Hitchcock was able to call upon the services of French actors, writers & technicians exiled in Britain.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Interesting curiosity but doesn't really rise above that

It is interesting for Hitchcock completests in particular, but this is not an example of the great director being on top form. There are some imaginative directorial touches(in the camera work, humour and the theme with the double), a nice droll denouncement, some nicely crafted production values, some decent acting especially from Paul Claras and a playful yet haunting music score. Sadly for Aventure Malgache for all the good things there are a number of things that are not done very well. It is too heavy on the dialogue, which apart from the sly humour here and there veers on stilted and crass and it bogs the pacing down. The pacing does have some quick-moving scenes but the most talky scenes drag, while the storytelling does get confused and not the easiest to follow. There is not much exciting here either, it is the case of too much dialogue not enough action and there is little suspense too. And it does get bogged down in the propaganda elements, it makes its point but it doesn't hold up well and some may find the attitudes of the French being portrayed here rather insensitive(the reason why it stayed in the vaults for such a long time). In conclusion, an interesting short film and worth the look but Aventure Malgache is really not Hitchcock at his best and it doesn't ever rise above interesting curiosity value. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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