Autumn Stables


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 911 911


Top cast

Kevin McGarry as Jake Stevens
Cindy Busby as Autumn Carlisle
Sadie Munroe as Maddie
Alys Crocker as Chloe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lynrosser 7 / 10

Beautiful Scenery & Horses!!

I'm not a huge fan of Cindy Busby but she did okay in this one. She seemed very relaxed in her role compared to others she has done. Kevin McGarry always does a great job with his parts and I enjoy anything he is in. It contains beautiful ranch/pastoral scenery. One negative critique would be the choice of using Western saddles when riding English style and directing someone to mount a horse on the right instead of the left. Someone who owns a horse ranch and teaches riding lessons should be much better versed in such matters. This may seem picky but it would be helpful to have a professional equestrian helping to consult on such matters where horses play such a huge role in the story.

Reviewed by druatlax 7 / 10

It wasn't that bad. McGarry and the story are good.

Up Front. Definitely not a Cindy Busby fan, and this is not her worst movie ( that was definitely Marrying Darcy). But for some reason (maybe because her "acting" gets in the way), there is never any real chemistry between her and her co-star/s. This can ruin, or even destroy any believability in a story, or the character she plays- (the same character...always the same). It seems the bigger the role, the screechier the voice and the more unreal "acting" we see on screen. This one was kept subdued, so McGarry and supporting characters carried the weight.

I gave this a seven, as the Director with McGarry as lead kept this one on track. The story stayed on it's predictable path, but well. The scenery and horses were beautiful. All the supporting cast were good in their rolls. The movie definitely had much more potential, but it wasn't that bad.

Reviewed by ericwoltersnz 5 / 10

Vanilla love story

Not sure which was the main attraction here - the character leads or the picturesque setting. Nothing offensive here, but neither was there any humour or excitement.

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