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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80% · 5 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95% · 100 ratings
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Top cast

Sadie Katz as Susan
Sarah French as Linda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blooser 3 / 10

A few good chuckles

It has all the makings of a Troma Team flick but comes up way short. The acting is close to campy but not quite, the effects are certainly hokey enough. A tweak of the script and some more puns and gags it could have been great. Or go the other way and make a real movie but it's a watchable piece of mediocrity. Still I got a few chuckles and couple of grins out of it.

Reviewed by oldvinyl 10 / 10

Cozy turns slasher

This film hit all the right buttons for me. The heartless woman who fires 90% of the employees. The robot with the failing battery. The fact that repair costs more than replace. The switch from "cozy, heartwarming" to frightening on-the-edge-of-my-seat stuff was unexpected, sudden, and effective. I don't really understand what the negative reviews here are about. I loved this film, my wife did too.

Reviewed by Kamurai25 4 / 10

Automate me a better movie

Decent watch, probably won't watch again, and can't really recommend.

I'm more of a fan of movies that celebrate innovations in technology that tearing them down. This movie is closer to a fear mongering experience against automation in the workplace. Had it the budget to represent its message in a more palatable experience, then it might have been more convincing in its message.

The low budget and cheap special effect make it very unconvincing as a message and a story. Its very clear that Auto is a man in a suit, worse than C3PO (Star Wars).

Ultimately, this movie loses me for presenting it as a prototype, the beginning of a progressive change: that it would be better if everything stays the same. And more power to you if you like that, but I enjoy the blossoming of the new myself.

Had this been set in the "Alien" or "I Robot" universes where an androids are common enough and one goes rogue, it would be more intriguing.

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