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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PinkPuffin 5 / 10

Not as good as the Min Min lights one

I'm kind of watching the director's three "Australian Skies" documentaries in reverse order.

I watched the Min Min lights one first, and was so taken with the way that it was done (quietly, with non of the usual UFO/mysterious phenomena documentary gimmicks), that I decided to watch them all!

I was really looking forward to this, but to be honest, I was pretty disappointed.

The quiet, unassuming style that I enjoyed in the Min Min lights one, was still there, and the Australian laid back approach is the reason I intend to watch all three documentaries, but it was the actual footage shot by the main guest, that I just couldn't get on board with.

I am an open minded sceptic, but have always had a particular fascination with UFOs, although sadly, haven't had any sightings myself.

The guy that had allegedly photographed and videoed 100s of UFOs claims that he attracts them, and "has a feeling", when they are about to reveal themselves. I had no problem with that, but the footage that he has shot, just wasn't believable, barring perhaps the odd few. Anybody that knows anything about photography, knows that if you point a camera up to the sky, (whether day or night) the images captured of an alleged UFO are extremely likely to be distorted, as the lens tries it's best to focus, giving the impression that an image is morphing, changing colour or appearing as a perfect sphere with a beautiful shimmery interior. Even a torch will create that type of effect! To my eye, nearly all of the footage that he's captured looks like helium balloons, plastic bags, birds and even seeds floating down.

I think he's an honest guy, and truely believes that he is somehow communicating with UFOs, but I REALLY have my doubts!

I think the downfall of this documentary is that there were no photographic experts there, to play devil's advocate.

It's very much left up to the viewer as to whether they believe these are genuine sightings or not.

I look forward to Australian Skies 2, but I really hope it is better than this one, and is more objective!

Reviewed by hotjanuary 3 / 10

Not a good early impression

A documentary that I feel spends too much time explaining how the documentary was made tends to turn me off quick. I'm not really interested in listing to a 'making of a documentary' documentary when it's not titled as such.

Australia has a rich history of UFO reports and I was expecting to hear about the Knowles family encounter, Westall event, and others I might have missed out on.

This show is not my thing.

Reviewed by rharris-35 2 / 10

Breaking News - There are Lights in the Sky...Next UP...Water is Wet

There are two parts to this "documentary" in my view. One is the focus on Damien John Nott, which should be completely disregarded due to his extraordinary claims and the extraordinary LACK of evidence.

The second part, which is actually important, is the automatic "labeling" of people who see "something" in the sky. 100% of the video evidence in this film is "unidentified", and thus are U.F.O's. These do need to be explained and/or identified, but do to the stigma of people claiming to see these objects more often than not, fail to report them. This is a problem.

While I agree with Damien on this issue, his other claims, such as his so called "chip" actually made me laugh out loud. What he explained and the way he explained it is EXACTLY how a common cyst would react.

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