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Reviewed by RedFoxVertigo 2 / 10

Simply dull.

I love horror films and cult horror, and I spend a great amount of time watching these types of movies. I was skeptical to watch this due to the high number of bad reviews it received here. Curiosity killed the cat. I started watching the movie with an open-mind. I don't have a problem with camera shake, I'm not squeamish about gore and rape. Of course I must agree this movie is sick on pretty much every level. But all together content, quality, directing... none of that bothered me.

What I disliked about this film is that the plot is so weak. In fact there is barely a plot at all and thus as disturbing as it is, it's boring. Believe it or not. I understand the basic idea of the film, sick and twisted people on a killing spree, but a lot of the scenes seemed thrown together in no particular order. In a way it was confusing, but not in a strange artistic David Lynch type of confusing way. The composition of the film, just simply fails to be compelling in any way.

If you are simply looking to be disgusted or disturbed then I can recommend this film. However if you are looking for at least something of a functional film, don't waste your time on this one.

Reviewed by npalmerdeverill 2 / 10

Understandably tempting to watch but utterly ridiculous!

It is easy to understand what will make you look into this movie, and comments you will find will push you over the edge into watching it, just as I did.

Yes it is likely that it is the sickest film to have ever been put to film, however there is absolutely no entertainment factor to it. When a film introduces extreme gore, it works within the content of a story line that makes you look away and get adrenalin during the violent sequences. This film is a poorly filmed but accurate depiction of nothing but endless, silly gore designed to shock but that fails. It is almost certain that you will come away feeling slightly ashamed that you wanted to watch graphic rape, torture and necrophilic pheadophilia with nothing else to its credit other then it makes it look very real.

To call it shocking is to give it credit it doesn't deserve. The Exorcist was shocking, this has no 'shock' factor, no humorous factor that you get with some gore based films, no dialogue or story of any significance and any film enthusiast should feel offended that this is the most extreme film we have. Pathetic, ridiculous, childish and absolutely not worth looking at.

Reviewed by PWATATO 3 / 10

What a load of crap!

I watched this film on the grounds that it had a reputation of being the sickest ever made. And it is certainly the most extreme film I've seen. But that doesn't make it entertaining. The effects are top notch and it does what it sets out to do but my god is it boring. The people on here who say they've watched it numerous times must be geeks. There is no reason to watch this more than once unless you are trying to prove a point because it is just the most boring pile of shite I have ever seen. It's basically a 15 year old horror enthusiasts wet dream. I think that the director has great potential and I am looking forward to 'The Redsin Tower' because it looks like it has entertainment value. Mordum is basically a fake snuff movie and its attempts to make it seem real are its major downfall. A lot of it is just shaky camera and shouting and when it gets to the gore and violence it just seems like it's trying too hard. Some may call it art, but they're idiots! It's just a really boring pointless film with really good special effects. I'm not saying don't watch it (because curiosity gets the better of all of us and I watched it because of reviews and comments that I read on this site) I'm just saying: don't expect too much and don't believe the hype. In my opinion a good movie should keep you gripped and a sick movie should disturb you. I was so bored watching this that it didn't disturb me. If you're a gore hound, watch it. If you're curious, watch it, but be honest with yourself afterwards and I'm sure you'll agree that it's crap.

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