At an Uncertain Time


Action / Drama

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Reviewed by tauraq 8 / 10

Finally one I can like, because it doesn't mimick the rest

Far too many of these foreign movie have these women beating misogynist knuckle dragging across the pavement getting away with mistreating women and the usual Stockholm syndrome with the woman falling for the guy.

This one wasn't far off with the POS Vargas planning on leaving his sick wife and his daughter while taking advantage of the sister of two sibling refugees. Plying the brother with morphine so that he can sleep with the sister who wants to get on her way out of Portugal and away from the war.

The ending was very good with the bad abusive cop being killed by Vargas daughter after finding her mother dead in the garden. That was followed by Vargas coming home and hearing that his daughter killed his co-worker and sent the live in housekeeper plus the French refugees on their way.

So apparently no all writers stick to the same old tired scripting which is a Good thing.

Reviewed by / 10

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