Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy!


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.3/10 10 382 382


Top cast

Brigitte Kingsley as Hunter Hazelton
Sara Mitich as Annie
Alys Crocker as Hailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevelivesey-37183 3 / 10

Girl boss, cheese fest meets the poorly rendered CGI octopus

I am going be honest. I didn't understand a great deal of it. That's probably because I was messing with my phone ten minutes into this nonsense.

I will give it its due, it doesn't take itself seriously.

Brigitte Kingsleys cleavage, boobs, body and underwear are supposedly the star of the show here which is kind of weird because her husband is the writer and director who clearly doesn't mind writing his wife into scenes were she enters into one night stands, gets tied up, and appears in the scantiest of costumes. At one point I did think what's it like to have your hobby as your job!

Skip it, you won't miss anything.

Reviewed by okpilak 7 / 10

Silly, nuts and lots of fun.

This is what a good low budget B movie is all about. A story that is total nonsense, and characters that do not take their roles seriously. And really cheesy special effects. There is a breakthrough by three men in a mine, into a series of room, which turns out to be a bad idea, and only one survives, the other two taken by a creature. Meanwhile, Hunter, a reporter with her camera man Cam, are undercover at a strip joint, and Hunter, as a pole dancer, manages to catch the mayor as a fraud, corrupt as can be. Her rival, Annie, an airhead, and co-reporter Declan, equally dumb, provide fluff pieces, and Annie doesn't even know the name of her camera man. Years later, the closed off area of the mine is intended to be opened, using a special Russian invented laser. The sole survivor warns against opening that area, and when ignored, detonates a suicide vest, trapping everyone. The survivors have to try and find a way to escape. The creatures mostly seen are a cross between a trilobite and horseshoe crab, and can turn people into zombies. And if the creature escapes, it is doom for the human race. It is nutty, it is silly but it is also fun entertainment. Just don't try and make sense out of anything.

Reviewed by skribs 4 / 10

The octopus was barely in the movie

This is the kind of movie that only makes sense if you've seen a bunch of movies like it already. It's very random, very weird, with horrible writing, acting, and CGI.

The semi-titular Octopus is somewhat behind-the-scenes throughout the whole movie. But if you were expecting a giant octopus eating people as the plot of the movie, you were sorely mistaken. The movie is more like a mummy movie than a monster movie.

The biggest draw of this film is the main character's outfits, or lack thereof. On this one point, the film delivers. But it doesn't deliver in any other way. If you watch this movie, you know why you're watching it.

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