Art of Love

2024 [TURKISH]

Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.5/10 10 1708 1.7K


Top cast

Esra Bilgiç as Alin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vittorio-13 4 / 10

poor in very way- except for the locations

I thought that hallmark movies were only for north America . , but in this case this movie could have worked if they took a little more time and maybe some better actors. I am not sure if it's the story because premisses is there and this should been a very good movie. Great location just poor acting and editing is the only i can think why this movie is so bad even for a romance movie in the end i keep watching it not because of the movie location and beautiful scenary which is excellent. So with that in mind i gave it a 4 stars. But it could have been much better oh well enjoy it as long it's free dont pay for it.

Reviewed by zulalyilmaz-57098 3 / 10

Are we sure that Alin is interpol agent...

All the movie is nonsense but let me talk about the most. Alin (agent of interpol) think that they don't understand her job ? girl you scream behind the man, you searched his house, you follow him, you came his place and fighting his friend, and then she shocked when Güney said he knows everything ? And what kind of interpol agent(s) ignore a thief? Really? It could have been a really good movie if it had a little more logic, reality and drama. It would definitely be more impressive to watch the story of a strong woman who has to arrest the person she loves and makes logical decisions. Not everything has to be romanticized.

Reviewed by nixy-caos 3 / 10

Not this one

Despite its promising start and beautiful scenery, "Art of Love" ultimately disappoints. The story is filled with clichés and predictable moments, failing to engage the audience. Even the talented lead actors, known for some previous great performances, struggle to bring their characters to life, resulting in a lackluster performance. While the film boasts stunning visuals, it lacks a compelling storyline. In the end, "Art of Love" falls short of making a lasting impression as a captivating romantic comedy. So, if you are loongking for some fresh and nice rom-com, I am sorry to disappoint you, this is not the one, I think.

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