Arctic Armageddon



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Patrick Labyorteaux as Secretary Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mandagrammy 3 / 10

Good for a few laughs.

I only gave this movie a third star because the opening scene was intriguing and promised an interesting story. Unfortunately, the promise was never fulfilled. I don't know who deserves the most blame (director, script writer, actors, or editors or a combination of all of them) but the plot was beyond ridiculous. Almost all the actors appeared to be reading their lines, not living them. There were so many holes in the sequence of events that you could drive a Mack Truck through them. The special effects were repetitive to the point of boredom. The same goes for the dialogue. I do have to say that I enjoyed several laughs, although I'm sure it isn't what the creators of the film were aiming for.

Reviewed by kirachloe 2 / 10

Not a clue among the entire crew

I almost gave this a 3 star, even hoped for a 4, but that was just the first five minutes of the movie. After that it was clear that everyone associated with this movie is clueless in their role. I only gave a 2 because a very few actors and the camera work was worthy.

Where to start?

The script is AWFUL. Not only the words, but the staging (the director takes responsibility for some of this also), the events and responses, everything. And the actors, could you be more stiff? Admittedly I would have had a hard time delivering those lines knowing how awful the script was.

Throughout the movie the viewer constantly loses attention, wondering why they do/say what they did, events/actions that don't make sense, places that don't look real, often don't even look like they fit.

And whomever was responsible for stages (writer, director, and production team) find other jobs. One example, and my biggest gripe (of many)... have you never seen a submarine movie?

A little advice, look up the term "suspension of disbelief". Its key to the art.

Reviewed by steinfr 2 / 10

Perhaps the Worst Military Connected Movie I've Seen This Year

Having been in the military I tend to get a little critical over technical inaccuracies. This movie was one of the worst I've seen. On the submarine, haircuts, uniforms, rank structure, and submarine features were so far off to be laughable. The submarine's executive officer (XO) wore the rank of a first class petty officer a mid-level enlisted grade ... not an officer. The helmsman wore the rank of a seaman, but referred to as a petty officer. It was inferred that the submarine had to frequently surface to exchange air. Torpedoes were launched through what appeared to me the missile launch tubes. Decisions at the Pentagon were being called by the Secretary of Homeland Security rather than the Secretary of Defense. I could go on an on but I'd advise skipping this one unless viewing for the comic effect.

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