Apocalypse After

2018 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 704 704

Top cast

Lola Créton as O.D.
Elina Löwensohn as Joy D'Amato
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geister_faust 8 / 10

Nos opinions n'iront pas sur Mars

You rarely watch these movies by hazard, you need to be initiated first and know something about the director, but for me it was a pure coincidence. Approachable running time packs tremendous visual punch and some messages you will be unpacking for quite a while. It's rather a collection of vignettes than a coherent narrative. Some will disagree with this statement, but the beauty of this movie is that you can choose what to make of it while enjoying the visuals. A true cinematic experience, that leaves you thinking. It's graphical, it's 'pulp', it's borderline uncomfortable sometimes, but it's magnetic and uniquely mesmerizing.

Reviewed by iosu_vakerizzo 9 / 10


Mandico does it again! Dream-like and bizarre. Reminiscent of performance art and fine art in general. Many will probably not get this film, but I think it's absolutely wonderful. A bizarre visual feast. Mysterious and somewhat abstract. I am cautious of using the word "surreal", but it sort of fits this dystopian film.

Reviewed by Robert-1984 10 / 10

What a wonderful film

This is a wonderful film. To me it was all about growing old in a world that's growing old even faster - "We will not be taken to Mars" says one of the characters. Aging, being left behind ,misunderstood by family and by society. A funny, dirty and complex film.

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