Anyone But Her

2024 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jp_91 7 / 10

"Todas menos tú" is an entertaining film that achieves its goal.

"Todas menos tú" is a romantic comedy that tells a simple story but entertains in every scene. The script is fun, offering a light and extremely entertaining comedy from start to finish. The cast gives good performances, highlighting Ricardo Abarca and Carolina Miranda. The director's work is confident and he captures what he wants on the screen. The cinematography is well done, it is aesthetic without being any avant-garde marvel in its field. The songs used in the film are wisely chosen, leaving behind the current reggaeton crap. "Todas menos tú" is an entertaining film that achieves its goal.

Reviewed by fjhuerta-2 2 / 10

Dumb, empty, shallow and boring

A "romantic comedy" full of whitexicans that think they are very funny because of the bad words they use and how vulgar they can be. Full of stereotypes, and just about as predictable as you can expect from a movie where the entire story can be guessed just by looking at the faces of all the actors on the cover of the poster. Camerawork is reality-tv like - with plenty of handshake - trying to look realistic, it just ends up being amateurish.

Just another irrelevant movie made by wannabe actors in order to get some government funding or sponsorship from someone. Don't waste your time on this, you'll be glad you didn't.

Reviewed by broman-29429 2 / 10

One of the worst films you'll ever see

What were the writers thinking? Let me guess, "let's make a film that is BETTER than my best friends wedding" I bet we can achieve it, why not? With better cast (of course not) better script (most definitely not) it's not even entertaining, anyone can tell that they make this movie like in 4 days.

Let's talk about the cast, The main character Cassandra Sanchez is usually very good, but her eyebrows were almost all the time like making this ridiculous "puppy face" and I think that she's getting a bit old for that, and most of the time I was cringed by her public speaking, we we're supposed to empathize with her but it was not the case. The bride, well she's no Cameron Diaz period, not nice, not cute, not charming, the only one who was as usual great for his role was Jesus Zavala.

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