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Ai Hashimoto as Misaki Mei
Kento Yamazaki as Koichi Sakakibara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffset 5 / 10

better just watch the anime

I've watch the anime and I really love it, the tone and dark thriller feeling of the anime is really amazing. But its live action movie, urgh I don't know what to say its obviously a low budget movie. They have downsizing every great scene in the anime into this movie, yeah you know the anime have 13 episodes, one episode have 20 minutes duration, 13x20 is 260 minutes mean 4 hour 20 min something which is great if there is some great screenwriter with some big budget production who willingly to make this adaptation true to the manganime without too many compression. By the way its still fun but if this movie is a stand-alone movie without any adaptation,I mean if its an original idea movie, it will be a nearly bad movie for sure. Thanks to the existence of its anime and manga, I will watch the anime again. Forget to mention, all the cast are the cute good-looking Japanese, somehow they manage to save this movie. Better just watch the anime then.

Reviewed by jaredrknight 7 / 10

Better than I thought it would be

To those of you who have not seen the anime I'm going to give you a brief description of the story.

A young boy from tokyo moves to a village out in the middle of nowhere. It just so happens that the class he is entering at his new school is cursed.

The curse is such that the students in the class have to follow certain rules or else people in the class and their families have a chanced of being killed.

I would go into more detail but to do so would ruin some surprises this story contains.

For those of you who have seen the anime, you will be happy to know that the movie script stays almost the same as the animation. The major scenes from the anime are duplicated in the film pretty well.

Now i have seen a lot of live action anime films, and despite this one being obviously lower budget, it is still really good!

The actors and actresses even though they look a lot older than middle school kids did a great job acting. I was overall satisfied with the film and would recommend it to others. Some parts are corny but i thought the same for the anime.

Reviewed by scott-mullins-932-818221 4 / 10

Stay with the anime, Don't waste your time on live action

I recently watched the anime series this movie was created from. The anime series was by far brilliant, captivating, suspenseful, and gruesome compared to lot of other anime's I've seen. You can even call it an anime version of Final Destination. However, I'm not here to give a review on the anime, but the live action adaptation. The set up of this movie does a good job portraying the location and main plot line of what happened in the anime and the characters aren't the worse either though they could use more personalities to tell them apart. My issue with this movie is after the first death it then steers off path a bit from the anime. It dumbed down the other exciting and shocking deaths of the series. I can deal with low budgeting, but a few extra effects wouldn't hurt. Anyways not only are the deaths dumbed down (most time different deaths than what was portrayed in anime), but the whole story arc is thrown out of whack. They started to continue the story a bit out of order and changing a lot of things of the main characters. The most disappointing part of the movie in my opinion is the when the students go on their trip in August in attempt to stop the deaths from happening. Nothing, and I mean Nothing happens that follows closely to what happened on the trip in the anime. Different people were killed off in completely different and non scary ways and focus was taken off the main group of friends. Trying best not to give any spoilers, but the story arc for this part was already there brilliantly and all they had to do was keep to it the best they can, but writers and producers did a 180 and almost tried to create their own story during this time. The story picks back up towards the end with the anime, before throwing another twist and big change from anime. All in all not worst, but not greatest movie if your looking at it as not a adaptation. Compared to the anime, it didn't come close to making me feel the same and see the same. For those that liked Izumi Akazawa's character in the anime, prepare to be disappointed by her hardly no character in the movie and made into low support role with not many lines and then the way she dies is just pathetic and completely unrealistic. So I grade this movie as a D as a anime adaptation and C- overall movie looking at it as not an adaption. Thanks for checking out my review. Seriously though watch the anime and stick with it, you won't be disappointed that way.

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