An Easter Bloom


Action / Drama

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Reviewed by vjf36 7 / 10

Flowers Flowers Flowers

I enjoyed this movie but could not give it a high rating. Same old same old plot of misunderstanding The two leads are very good , nice chemistry and believable. It was a little slow to develop and the ending was a little predictable but overall a cute movie. I do feel here again Hallmark writers could have done do much more. Excellent cast beautiful scenery and not enough substance. There was very little development of the CB cast and could have done more with the two leads. I hope Hallmark can get out of theses predictable plots because they are wasting good acting and not developing their cast parts. There are no spoilers but than again it's the same old story.

Reviewed by kategobe 7 / 10

Good but something is missing

This movie sounded like something I'd enjoy watching, especially because it's Hallmark romance so by design, I'm at least guaranteed some kind of happy ending. The movie started out well with a clear story. Then, it all struggled to flow and click together.

Let's start with the good. I like the emotional touch to the story, it's more meaningful than the classic colleagues vying for a promotion or Christmas reindeer games we've already seen so much of in this genre. I also like the actors a lot individually. None of the main actors seem fake nor does their performance feel forced so in terms of acting talent, this one is of the better quality amongst soft romance tv movies. Additionally, I love the flower farm theme. We usually see the flower thing in wedding movies so I like that this is a little more rugged.

Now, the bad. Although I never struggled to understand the story as a whole, it does seem to be a bit bare throughout the middle. It's a story that starts out at the right pace and then just gets rushed a bit. Along with what I assume to be mediocre directing, this all waters down the connection and relationship development aspect of the couple. By the end of the movie, it sort of felt like they'd hardly talked. In reality, they have about as much interaction as in any other movie of the kind but in reality, it felt rushed. I think this is probably on the director and perhaps the writer.

Lastly, I must admit that I found the heavy religious focus quite uncomfortable. If you are a devoted Christian, you'll probably like this aspect but as an agnostic person, the whole thing was quite preachy. I can normally handle mildly Christian movies just fine but in this one, it almost seems as though the only thing the couple talked about to each other was the preachy part, which ruins the romance a bit for me. It is an Easter movie so I'm okay with a little Christian touch but I don't like it when it feels like I'm being preached to.

Reviewed by dalear 3 / 10


It took a herculean effort for me to get to the 55 minute mark. I've always found Aimee Teegarden's performances to be a hit or miss.

In being enjoyable. Right off the bat her younger self at about 12 years old (by another child actress) is shown. Then it flashes forward 15 years to the present day. Aimee looks closer to 40 years old,than the 27 year- old her character was supposed to be.

The love story was blah. I have to say I think the last two months of new Hallmark movies have been sub-par!

I wonder if this has anything to do with a bunch of Hallmark actors and actresses jumping ship for GAF?

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