American Beach House


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 2.6/10 10 1358 1.4K


Top cast

Mischa Barton as Ms. Maureen
Lorenzo Lamas as Lifeguard Joe
Jena Sims as Lola
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John-76 4 / 10

Only see it if you want to see The PGA and US Open Champion's Girlfriend Topless

This is the only redeeming quality of the movie! :-)

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10


Three babes and three hunks, all strangers, are selected to spend a week at a beach house with no rules. It is just a question of who hooks up with whom and the little bit a drama to go along with it in order to give this sinker some social value. The humor is slap stick and below sophomoric teen sex humor. The characters were unreal and were given single line introductions.

2 stars for the nudity

Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity -Rachel Lynn David, Christiane Kroll (Birdemic 2), and Jena Sims (50 ft Cheerleader) Britanni Johnson (uncredited)

Reviewed by quincytheodore 2 / 10

As shallow and cheap as you might think

Let's be honest, the most interest this movie generates is from curiosity, either by how they drag Lorenzo Lamas or how much attractive girls in poster will shed their clothes. That is much more attention than this movie deserves, as it has no appeal whatsoever aside from few superficial flashes of half-naked ladies, even that is debatable as merit.

It's like a parody of reality show, and would have been funny if it didn't try to shoehorn cringe worthy romcom script. Nothing more than a few people prancing in beach, the drama is barren at best and the comedy is so outdated, it wouldn't have worked even in 80s.

All characters don't look authentic, and Lorenzo Lamas pops up every now and then to offer vague advice and grope random girls. There are even awkward soundtracks to accompany the whole lackluster parade.

A few good looking people in bikini can't sugarcoat how bad this movie is. Highly recommended to avoid.

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