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Reviewed by mrd1019 7 / 10

A young boy is welcomed into the Vienna Boys Choir to the delight of his mother, and the dismay (but later delight) of his father

I'll be brief. "Almost Angels" has always been one of my favorite live-action Disney movies because of the singing and the story. As a young boy, I enjoyed music (I still do), and always thought having an experience like Tony's would be wonderful.

Sean Scully, a stock Disney child actor, does an OK job as the older boy whose voice is changing. Not great, but OK. I do have to say that his choral directing technique needs lots of work, however; he would have benefited from some simple instruction.

The movie is delightfully family-safe. Some will love it, some will think it's cheesy (which it may be). If you like music, especially the Vienna Choir Boys, watch the movie. Don't watch it to be intellectually challenged or anything like that. Watch it for the entertainment value. The Boys Choir music is wonderful, the scenery is beautiful. It has a reasonably realistic storyline, and most of the actors do a fair job.

I would love to see this on DVD someday - I would buy it immediately. Until then, you'll just have to look for it at the video store or watch for it on the Disney Channel.

Reviewed by ghormley-1 6 / 10

They don't make 'm like this any more

I saw this many years ago as a boy soprano and came home wanting to be in the choir. I got a VHS copy on ebay a few days ago and watched it again -- it probably will affect today's kids differently. (But I mean to show it in episodes to my kid's choir at church anyway.) The movie is about the odd and beautiful thing that is an accomplished boys choir. How odd it strikes us that these kids respond to the musician's discipline, they strive for excellence, and they connect with great music. Are they from another planet? This movie bears a compelling witness to an alternative to how we could view the future men of our society.

The plot provides just enough of an excuse for the wonderful music and scenery. This is not an example of great visual story telling. It has a scrubbed Disney look and feel, but it's not even up to Disney's standards. In one scene you see the camera's shadow on the wall before it dollys back out of the light. But take it for what it is: it lets you see and hear something good and fine that you might never otherwise experience.

Almost Angels would certainly benefit from a digital remastering, because the pictures and the music deserve to be as vivid as possible.(But who knows why Disney does anything? "We've got a lot of terrific material - let's lock it in the vault and not sell it to anybody, okay?" "Great idea, chief!")

Reviewed by Travis_Moran 7 / 10

This movie surprised me...pleasantly.

Me and my wife watched this movie last night and honestly I thought I wouldn't like it. First of all I am not fond of kid actors and this movie had a bunch of them. But surprisingly they were not the annoying kids that usually plague the screen, but fairly well-behaved and respectful. Maybe it was the time era and setting that had more to do with this though. Or maybe since I'm no longer a teen (20 now) I am growing up...who knows.

I enjoyed the music, but I will have to note that some of the selections were a little longer than necessary. This was the only negative aspect I could find to complain about though.

The double plot was well done; and both of the lead boys did a good job of acting.

Herr Heller was my favourite character. He interacted with the boys in a way that appealled greatly to me...the pillow fight tolerance, not punishing Peter for causing the window ledge incident, etc.

Peter was my wife's favourite character. She liked how he started off being jealous but changed once he knew the score. She called him "an appealing lad".

All through this movie is some great classical music. I'm not a classical music fan, but I do listen to it occasionally, so I do appreciate it.

And the architecture of Vienna and other places was a treat during this movie also. I hope it all still exists today.

Unfortunately for this movie, the kids of today would probably express little or no interest in watching it. But then again I would never have watched this movie as a kid either.

Both me and my wife totally and completely recommend this movie for great family viewing (if u can get your kids to watch it). There is nothing even remotely offensive in this movie.

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