All You Need Is Death


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85% · 20 reviews
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Olwen Fouere as Rita Concannon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silentgamer-13481 5 / 10

Love is a knife with a blade for a handle!

One of the best horror movies I've seen in a long time yet I'm unable to give it a higher rating due to the lackluster screenplay. But it's a got a strong plot and I loved Simone's performance. I'm also shocked to know that a movie like this has received such minimal coverage cause it's a really good movie. The movie is about cursed Irish folklore songs and the darker aspects of love, unconventional and surreal kind of presentation, excellent dialogues. The ending is probably going to leave you a bit disappointed but when you put the pieces together, you'll realise that the movie is a masterpiece, yet, it's unusual storytelling style gets little points from me. Its a Must watch..

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Reviewed by bombersflyup 4 / 10

It's different.

A young couple who collect rare folk ballads discover the dark side of love when it's secretively recorded and translated an ancient, taboo folk song from the deep, forgotten past.

Engaging in its eerie disturbing uniqueness, certainly accomplishing its label of horror, unfortunately though there's little else here. Finding things of value from the past that have been overlooked is kinda what I do too, hehe. The problem here is when the value or reward's removed, it becomes less interesting, as they're merely vessels and if that's the case, the reason it was being sought after in the first place needs to be stated. Could've done without the end as well, Anna seemed sound of mind, not sure why she lets herself be a sacrifice.

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