All About the Money


Action / Adventure / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 96% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 3133 3.1K


Top cast

Danny Trejo as Luis Diego
Lin Shaye as Mrs. Womack
Jon Gries as John Waters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meljr-92909 5 / 10

Could have been better.

This comedy would have been much better without Blake Freeman in the cast. He should have stuck to directing.

Reviewed by feyipuk 6 / 10

Brainless, but at least it keeps its direction

The first scene of the movie has the three main characters cowering for their lives, while being shot at by attractive, leather clad lady, holding two silenced machine guns. The film then goes into a flashback and about twenty minutes (all the bits before they get off the plane) later I'm wishing they been shot and the film had ended there. The plot is far fetched; an average guy, whose life is not going anywhere, takes his two best friends to Colombia and convinces them to take on a drug boss , without much of a second thought besides the Money.

OK, they did a lot with a small budget. I can't imagine a well known actor like Danny Trejo came cheap, the location shots are well put together and the action scenes do flow well. The supporting cast make this film: Ashley A. Thomas (Maria Garcia) and Jose Yenque (Juan Garcia) play the roles of a sadistic drug family well, while Gabriel Pimentel and his Hotel associates add a touch of surrealism that seemed to be improvised in parts. The manic Marine - which all films where Americans looking for support in foreign countries need to go - is suitably crazy, with a satirical edge.

For me, the constant swearing and racism did get dull, to the degree it got batted away as tourettes at one stage. The main characters keep thinking they're in Mexico, not Colombia and half expected one of them to echo Johnny Depps line from Once Upon A Time In Mexico to Trejo: "Are you a Mexican or a Mexicant". He probably would have pinned them to the wall with a massive knife for saying it!

I watched this on my phone, while heading to work, and it helped pass the time, but I doubt I'd sit down with friends to watch it again.

Reviewed by shakercoola 5 / 10

Goofy loser comedy progresses to inane adolescent humour

An American action comedy; A story about three American guys who venture to Columbia with the aim of capturing America's most wanted criminal for a dollar reward. The film starts well, establishing the characters, and there are several instances of genuine amusement. Unfortunately, it then descends into a cramming of drug-addled inaneness, racial crudeness and silly, predictable encounters with dangerous criminals showing no real menace. It transforms from funny buddy comedy to juvenile caper.

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