Alien Convergence


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
IMDb Rating 2.2/10 10 652 652


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Britt George as General Wesley Augursin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jhmoondance 1 / 10

Kill me now!!!

Asylum please give up your attempt to manifest your versions of classic movies!!! Please for the sanity of real n true sci-fi buffs!!! Not worth anymore of my time! Just stop!!!!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

Alien awfulness

Have made no secret in the past of intensely disliking, and even outright hating a lot, a vast majority of The Asylum's (near-universally maligned for good reason) output, though there is curiosity as to whether they are capable of making something good and compulsive about their output's badness. Admittedly, The Asylum do have a small group of watchable films and the occasional (big emphasis on that word) above average one, unfortunately outweighed by the lacklustre at best and often dreadful films they churn out.

After seeing 'Alien Convergence', giving it a fair chance and trying to not let bias get the better of me, as much as it actually pains me to say it do agree with everybody else who not only found it an awful film but also one of The Asylum's worst. One of their most amateurish and intelligence-insulting certainly, all their trademark flaws are here in 'Alien Convergence'.

Just for the record, giving a film the lowest possible rating is incredibly rare for me these days (until seeing 'Geo-Disaster' a few days ago had not given out the rating in weeks), trying to be a fair reviewer trying to see the good in everything viewed. That rating is only reserved for films etc. that look like no effort or heart was put into it and like nobody was trying, a cardinal sin in film but actually not committed all that often. 'Alien Convergence' is one of the worst examples of this in recent memory.

Visually, 'Alien Convergence' looks incredibly cheap even for something made on a low budget. It's very drably and sometimes dizzyingly shot, incoherently edited (bacon-slicer-like) with glaring and unforgivably sloppy continuity errors and even the scenery doesn't make much impression despite being actually the least bad aspect of the film. Even worse are some of the most laughable and pathetic-looking special effects to be seen on celluloid, actually looking they were done as an afterthought and on the small remainder of the money they had left.

Can remember little about the music, which tended to be intrusive, annoying and out of place. The dialogue is utter gibberish and truly juvenile and unnatural, even by The Asylum standards and even in their best efforts the script is one of the weaker assets. How it was approved beyond first draft is beyond comprehension.

There is absolutely nothing thrilling, tense, suspenseful, emotionally investable or fun about the story. The predictability may have been forgivable if the film was actually engaging let alone exciting but it fails to be either throughout. Lets not get started on how insultingly nonsensical and ridiculous it is, things similarly are so vague and confused that coherence was also a major issue in places. The conflict had no urgency, imagination, fun or menace at all, it was all just dull and dumb.

As sort of expected, as it is a trademark of The Asylum it seems, there are illogical and irritating character behaviours that makes one endear to them even less in a film with not one interesting or rootable character. There is not one halfway decent performance either, almost like they weren't even trying.

Overall, awful with nothing redeeming about it, except that it is not quite as blatantly derivative as other Asylum efforts. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Harfy 1 / 10

Avoid at all costs !

Omg. How awful this movie is. Well, first, you need to know it's another "The Asylum" production ; that means you can expect the worse.

The plot is nonsense : 3 meteorites crash on Earth, and are a kind of flying gargoyles. And, of course, they start to destroy everything as you can expect. So, as the movie is set in United States of America, the army just send two or three planes and a chopper to fight these monsters. That's amazing, isn't it ? Luckily, there is a chick working on a neural-link-plane that will save the day. By the way, we learn she was a fighter pilot too... And guess what ? Her father is an old fighter pilot too, and is working as a scientist right now. As scientist, he is handling meteorite's part without wearing protection gloves. Yup, best scientist ever.

The chick and her team ran to a Tucson base, and she's taking the lead of operations. Yeah, the commanding officer...well, he don't care about that, so no problem darling, you can be the boss.

Sure, you can watch this movie, but I've warned you that it's a pile of junk.

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