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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elenasharpovastyling 10 / 10

A Cinematic Journey into Coming of Age

This film unfolds as a cinematic masterpiece, offering a belated coming-of-age narrative adorned with brilliant dialogue. The richness of the storytelling and the depth of character development make it a must-watch on the big screen, ideally with a captivated audience.

The extraordinary art design and captivating locations, set against the backdrop of Croatia, add an additional layer of visual brilliance. The film not only inspires introspection but also ignites a desire to explore the enchanting landscapes it portrays. "Belated Blossoms" is not just a movie; it's a cinematic voyage that transcends the screen and beckons you to experience the allure of Croatia.

Reviewed by amercuco 3 / 10


If the had an intention to present a typical life of someone with borderline personality disorder, I would have given this movie a higher score, but they didn't do that. The movie is shallow with poor dialogues (I'm a native Croatian speaker) and very annoying and unconvicing characters, it's impossible to relate or feel close to them. The main character is just erratic, showing typical behaviour of a BPD person. The musician guy is horrible, he's a desperately clingy romantic. This is definitely not an arthouse movie and this high score is a bit surprising.

Reviewed by ropukile 4 / 10

Totally unsympathetic

Apparently this film is supposed to be feel-good and appeal to millennials. Well, I'm a bit younger than the protagonist and the film only made me feel angered. While I personally find the aspect of a quarter life crisis important and therefore interesting, the protagonist was completely unsympathetic. She comes from a privileged background in terms of money but she is completely unaware of it. I could understand her wish to pursue her passion of photography as a career path but we don't really see that she is truly passionate about it, or even good at it so she would deserve success. Instead, she is willing to use some suspicious methods to get ahead. She doesn't have difficulties in her romantic pursuits either but the men playing her partners aren't fully fleshed out. Her parents feel like somewhat of a cliché that I've seen before, with the mother being more nagging and the father being more permissive. Where I also felt the film being stereotypical is the protagonist's easy-goingness when it comes to sexual relations, usage of drugs, drinking, partying, etc., as if all young people partake in that. Perhaps a bit more trivial but still unlikable was the constant showing of the protagonist as eating a lot, which reminded me of rom-coms where female characters do that. I can admit the appearance of photography in the film was nice, but then again, what use is that on its own?

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