Air: Eating, Sleeping, Waiting and Playing


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Reviewed by tedmonds-2 8 / 10

An insightful, humorous view of Air's inaugural foray into live performance

The French band Air initially caught my ear in the Fall of 2001 when I began to volunteer at Northern Michigan University's student radio station Radio X. We had a copy of 10,000Hz Legend and I quickly became a fan after playing a few tracks from it during my program. After a couple of years of listening to them, I found out about this film through a small advert that Astralwerks had inserted in a copy of the Virgin Suicides soundtrack entitled 'La Collection Francaise', detailing certain releases by French bands on the label. Eating, Sleeping, Waiting, and Playing was one of the items mentioned. I was intrigued and purchased the video through Amazon. Mills travels with Jean-Benoit Dunckel, Nicolas Godin, and their highly talented backing musicians and documents their activities as they tour their debut album Moon Safari, successfully portraying the band in a down to earth, humble fashion. The variety of footage is very beneficial, as everything from the band performing live to being woken up by the film crew is documented and arranged in a logical order. The only real gripe I have concerning the cinematography is when individuals not related to the band are being asked various questions by Mills and the camera will often slowly pan to something off to the side of the patron, almost projecting the sense that the interviewer doesn't really care about what they have to say. Although there a few times when these mini-interviews don't produce anything of substance, most of them garner interesting responses worthy of focus. Aside from the feature itself, the DVD contains Mills' music video work for the band up to the point when the documentary was shot, a gallery of original Mills artwork for the Moon Safari album, and a storyboard for the Kelly Watch The Stars video. If you are into Air, you will more than likely enjoy it. It may be hard for those unfamiliar with Air to really get into it, as it does focus directly on the band. However, those who appreciate quality cinematography may be pleased by some of the camera work within the film.

Reviewed by funfun 3 / 10

How you say? Garbage?

Terrible. After watching an amazing concert DVD, Stop Making Sense, we put this in and were sorely disappointed. The documentary features a combined 10 minutes of music interspersed with interviews with people on the street that I couldn't care less about, answering asinine questions such as what they think of McDonalds. Who CARES?!

The cameraman must have thought it was neat to pan around in circles. He did that a lot. The sound during the few music portions was terrible, and the film cut between songs in the middle of them, with no fadeouts.

I learned nothing of interest of the band, nothing of interest of their fans, and saw very little of the music that supposedly made me care about them in the first place.

A total waste of time, save the MTV music videos tacked on to the special features.

Reviewed by jafryl 8 / 10

Well-executed and surprisingly funny documentary

Before watching this film I couldn't help but think of the mostly depressing and generally boring documentary done on Radiohead--"Meeting People is Easy." To my surprise E.S.W.P was quite different and was amusing with its behind the scenes look at Air and their backing musicians. The questions asked by Mike Mills produced some entertaining and revealing moments, although I must admit I became somewhat annoyed with some of the respondents after awhile. Regardless, this is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of Air, and the music videos included on the video and DVD are amazing, especially "Kelly Watch this

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