Against All Enemies


Action / Crime / Documentary / Drama

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Donald Trump as Self - 45th President of the United States
Alex Jones as Self - Host, Infowars
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by My2centsDave 8 / 10

A solid documentary

At times, a bit repetitive and wordy, but overall engaging. News hounds who've been watching stories about Jan. 6th since, well... Jan. 6th, won't find a lot of new information here. What is new, is some insight into the history of Christian Right Nationalism in America, how it never really went away, and how (and why) American veterans are getting sucked into violent groups. What I found most surprising, is that the U. S. has no laws that allow these groups, or their members to be prosecuted as terrorists. There are plenty of knowledgeable people (on both sides) interviewed for this film, (including former & present members), and it gives an even-handed look at the problem of extremism. Most importantly, it exposes the important fact, that extremism isn't a "middle east" problem, it's a human problem, and there are American extremists in-country that are just as dangerous as those we fear from outside. Maybe even scarier, because some of them are our neighbors.

Reviewed by blondartic 1 / 10

New information makes a very different picture

Feel free to fact check this: Steven D'Antuono was an FBI in Michigan, who had his agents infiltrate a patriot organization in 2019-2020. The FBI came up with a plan, and had CI's propose it, to ***storm the Michigan capital***. The plan was to set off a couple of incendiary devices to pull police away from the capital building, and then storm the Michigan capital. The group leaders refused, and eventually quit.

The folks left over were outnumbered by the FBI agents and informants - and the FBI paid for the training, materials, and transportation. They settled on "kidnapping Gov Whitmere" and most of the folks arrested for this were found not guilty due to "entrapment."

Steven D'Antuono, then left and went to DC and was put in charge of the FBI field office in DC in October of 2020, 3 months before Jan 6th.

Newly released video shows a very different picture. The people were mostly peaceful, until having a sustained assault by Capital police, for over a half hour, firing non-lethal munitions into the crowd over and over. I am trying to imagine this being done to BLM protesters and it being called anything other than a provocation.

Many folks arrested for Jan 6th were on the other side of the building and had no idea there was a riot at all. Meanwhile, many folks have been held, WITHOUT TRIAL for 3 years, on misdemeanor charges. No one has been charged with insurrection.

Reviewed by bazurin 7 / 10

Shows only a side of the coin

I watched this documentary and examined it through the lens of a - not politically charged - European grown adult and in the light of the information which was probably not available when the film was edited (I therefore do not question the correctness of the analysis ) as I grant the benefit of ignorance to those involved.

I believe this work, in order to be called a documentary lacks the thorough examination of events and in particular the infiltration of the movements by the "three letter" agencies which leads to question the official narrative and ask if the Capitol Hill events were what it has been portrayed to be, or the result of a coordinated effort to discredit this part of America in order to silence it.

But it is pretty enjoyable as this work highlights the existance of what can be considered an issue with the Veterans of the neverending wars the american youth is swallowed by.

Conspirationist is who conspiracy does, for those who may be asking.

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