After the Fever


Action / Drama

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Ai Hashimoto as Sanae
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Reviewed by leopoldtovey 6 / 10

Dramatic expression and discussion of love

I saw the film at the 14th Beijing International Film Festival, the film focuses on the role of Ai Hashimoto to express the theme of "What is love?" The murder scene at the beginning of the film is based on a true story that took place in Japan, It also sets the film's crazy, dark tone.

All the characters in the film have an almost maniacal understanding of love. The heroine is unhealthily in love with the man who does not love her, and the hero does not know what love is, and blood and tears shape their feelings. This kind of extreme expression technique expresses the theme discussed in the film to the extreme.

What impressed me most was that after the heroine played by Hashimoto Ai abandoned her, the hero played by Nakano Taga excitedly kissed another female character present - his female colleague, and the female colleague secretly loved him, in this almost crazy development of the plot, the hero and the female character set foot on the road of eloping. Eloped during the period, they agreed to die in the hotel, but did not expect to die, the female role with the male protagonist angry shame into a degree, stabbed the male protagonist, after this, the male protagonist unexpectedly recovered from the hospital, Hashimoto love as the heroine came to the hospital to pick him up home, on the road, two people look at each other, the car accelerated to extinction. The sequence above reminds me of the '90s movie Possessed, where Sam Neil's hero and Adjani's heroine die together at the end. Both of these works use a way to express love that is divorced from reality, which is a very unique way of expression and makes people impressed.

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