After Death


Action / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50% · 18 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 1574 1.6K


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sharonangelina-92784 6 / 10

Not Unbiased

I'm glad to see a movie of this kind taking hold in an industry full of saccharin entertainment and meaningless fluff. But I still found it a bit fluffy for my taste. A bit too formulaic and predictable. The scientific disbeliever, the enthusiastic pastor, the credible neurologist, all repeating and repeating themselves. Lots of repeat stock footage of blobby outer-spacey imagery. I also found it rather male-dominated, very few female voices in there. And the bias was heavily white Christian. I would have enjoyed seeing interviews with people from other parts of the world in other faiths. Overall it was pretty enjoyable, but not the breathtaking inspiration that the trailer makes it out to be.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by rachelnstephens 4 / 10

A movie for Christians by Christians

This movie seriously misses the mark in trying to be a convincing proselytising tool to get unbelievers to convert to Christianity. As a Christian married to an atheist, time and again, Christian films are inadvertently made to make the Christian who brings a non-Christian to see the film feel warm and fuzzy, while being wholy unconvincing to non-Christians.

It was my athiest husband who reserved tickets to this film, not me. As I assumed, he walked out after the end of the film thinking they were all liars. I don't blame him. The film was disjointed and glossed over a lot of science.

For example, a woman has surgery but they supposedly purposely had her dead on the operating table for an hour? How did they do that? How did they know she'd have a near death experience or that she'd comeback? They drained her blood and did some sort of brain surgery? As far as I know, a patient is awake during brain surgery so that they can gauge how the patient is faring.

My husband said that whole part seemed like a lie. I wasn't convinced by the fact that the doctor said that his patient said that she saw tools that looked like her "dad's socket set." Well, you're having surgery. Common sense says that tools will be there. Also her chart may have had information regarding her surgery, so it just felt bogus.

The guy at the end really was not a good fit for this film. My husband said it was weird how he became "best friends" with his abusive dad to the dismay of his mom and sisters. Supposedly Jesus told him that his purpose is to love others. Sure, Jesus Himself in the Bible said that the whole law hangs upon loving God and loving our neighbours, but there's slightly more to Christian salvation than simply loving people. Not only that, the movie completely glossed over why he had a bad relationship with his wife and kids before his accident, and afterwards, when he "became a zealot" about telling everyone about his love mission from Jesus, his kids "didn't respect (his) experience" and his now-ex-wife "poisoned" his kids against him and now they want nothing to do with the Bible. I'm seeing a real lack of accountability on his part on the continued breakdown of his relationship with his wife and kids. His "testimony" made my husband agree with him in that "people think he's crazy."

Theologically, this film is lacking. Scientifically, this film leaves the skeptic unfulfilled.

Stop making Christian proselytising movies for people who are already Christian. We are the wrong audience. Start screening your unfinished films to athiests only and go from there.

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