Adventures in Dinosaur City


Adventure / Family / Fantasy

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Omri Katz as Timmy
Patrick Labyorteaux as Rex / Mr. Big
Kimberly Beck as Chanteuse
Peter Koch as Link
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Reviewed by Blazehgehg 6 / 10

"Worst movie ever"? Pure hyberbole

I was surprised to hear that this movie was apparently a small legend for how "bad" it is. Folks, don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Now, that's not to say this is some kind of classic movie. It's not. But compared to SOME made-for-TV movies that are out there, Dinosaur City is tolerable. You might groan at some of the dino-slang, and the plot is kind of thin, but the special effects are decent (considering the era and the format) and at the very least, the movie isn't boring.

The whole theme is that these kids have stepped in to a real-life version of their favorite cartoon, only to find out that real-life is a lot nastier than what you see on TV. Still, all of the action, dialog, and voices evoke the cartoon theme well, even if the movie dares to push things a little too adult sometimes.

In that sense, most of the more corny elements can be viewed as the movie playing up the cartoon angle. This is definitely what cartoons in the 90's felt like, for better or worse. In fact, Dinosaur City almost feels like a tie-in to a real cartoon series that never got made.

Is Adventures in Dinosaur City bad? Only a little bit. But, if you were seven years old in 1991, you'd think it was a lot of fun.

Reviewed by Fields201 4 / 10

There was a video game of this....

Many years back, I played a Super Nintendo game called Dinocity. There was talks that it was based on some film that I have never heard of. Years later, thanks to the internet, I saw such movie.

It was terrible.

I'm sure kids will like it. This looks like the type of film I would love if I saw it was a kid. I'll watch the Super Mario Bros movie before I ever watch this thing again.

It's about three kids who gets sucked into an animated cartoon in a science lab and end up in a dinosaur world. They befriend some talking dinosaurs named Rex and Topps and have to stop another dinosaur named Mr Big and his band of cavemen.

The acting is really bad but the girl playing Jamie is hot. This is more for the kids as it's rather forgettable and I just watched it and I forgot most of the movie already.

Reviewed by brad_284 10 / 10

Haven't seen this in YEARS!

This was one of my favorite movies when I was a little kid. I was starting to think I'd imagined the whole movie. My parents don't remember it, and I'd never ask my friends if they ever saw it. Now that I look back I realize just how silly the whole thing was. I guess when I was little I didn't really care about the plot or the acting. All I cared about was watching that T-Rex and his buddies. The evil dinosaur always scared the heck outta me, and I always had nightmares about him. It made me sad to learn that the guy who was Rex died a while ago. All kids watch today is this cartoon crap on cartoon network. What happened to shows like this?

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