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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mmcgee282 8 / 10

A good nude cutie

Contrary to rumor, especially on the info about this film, this film was fully shot in Natural vision 3D.The best character of this film is the talking Donkey ,with a the Chill Wills voice, at least in it's mind.Why would they hire a plain fat actor,Randy Brent ,to play the prospector instead of a hansome actor? two reason,probably.To make the female models even more beatific looking.A handsome actor might of upstaged the women also to represent the average male of the time.It seems in the story Randy has saved his money ,stop drinking and going out with women and smoking cause when he got fired from the laundry the boss throws Randy's clothes out rapped up in a clothes map.So he searches in the desert for the place that has the gold with talking Donkey who narrates the whole films .For obvious reasons.Low budgetitess.The film maker could not afford dialog. He finds this Oasis and all these sexy looking Anglo women live there with no sunburn .All of them half to fully naked,but usually their legs are lift up a bit to cover the crouch or it's behind their back.They all entertain him to distract him from his finding the gold and his Donkey pet tells us that.It's obvious that in that oasis that the reason why they are trying to distract him all six women,including a witch, is that they need his ,seed.There is no men in that oasis and those women need people in the future to keep that oasis going.That's probably why they are distracting him.Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! the 3d is good in this film.One of the blondes do a dance and comes closer to the natural vision camera in which her breast come out of the screen. Some time you hear the voices of Randy and some of the women ,but no dialog.The Donkey narrates how hot it yet the actors don't motivate discomfort being that it's hot in an air condition sound stage.This is low budget nudie cutie feature and it quite good for it .No Monster or Dinosaurs in this Oasis ,but sexy young women of 1960.The same year September Storm came out. Part of the Blu -ray 3D collection restored by the 3D archives .Back to the other article. 10/29/19

Reviewed by BobbyG 8 / 10

Actually Interesting

The 3D version is exceptional; extremely good depth and visuolization. The lure here is the dialogue from the donkey, which is exceptional. The actresses don't have lines, but they are exceptionally beautiful. I didn't want it to end. 8/10.

Reviewed by CaptainFilm 10 / 10

The best nudie cutie I have ever seen.

This is the best nudie cutie I have ever seen.

The genre being what it is, the hook is beautiful nearly-naked women. This film delivers. Oh boy does it deliver. The topless women show up at about the five-minute mark, and remain on screen for the rest of the film. There isn't a minute that goes by without bare breasts, and these women are absolutely gorgeous. I mean, WOW. They'd be right at home on the pages of Perfect 10 or Page 3.

But flesh isn't all the film has to offer. The uncredited actor who provides the voice of the donkey, who narrates the film, gives a perfect performance. The writing is very clever. A few examples:

"Hunting for buried treasure out here made about as much sense and telling a hair-raising story to a bald-headed man."

"I don't know who designed their outfits, but he should have been put in charge of government spending."

"I once knew a donkey who corrected all of his faults and made a perfect ass out of himself."

"I wouldn't say she was a gossip, but her mouth was open so much she got sunburned on her tongue."

These are typical of the kind and quality of jokes told throughout the film. In fact, if your family has a liberal attitude about the sight of bare breasts (and occasionally buttocks), this is a great film for kids as well as adults, because these jokes can be appreciated by kids of all ages, and there is nothing (besides the nudity, depending on your values) that is inappropriate for children. This is simply a delightful film.

Finally I must comment on the musical score, which runs throughout the film. It is really quite lovely.

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