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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gsilecchia 8 / 10

A metropolitan noir for those who love intense and engaging narratives

Stefano Sollima returns to delight viewers with his latest masterpiece, "Adagio," relying on the extraordinary performances of Toni Servillo, Pierfrancesco Favino, and Valerio Mastandrea. The film attracts, strikes, and entertains, immersing the audience in a decadent and mournful Rome, where the apocalyptic atmosphere is palpable in every scene. The plot revolves around Manuel, a sixteen-year-old boy entangled in a dangerous blackmail scheme orchestrated by a gang of corrupt carabinieri. In this story, we follow the lives of three former criminals who find themselves involved in one last adventure, facing their old demons. With mastery, director Stefano Sollima explores the dark side of human nature, showing desperation, corruption, and the path to redemption. Through a precise portrayal of the city, Sollima creates an intense and relentless atmosphere that envelops the characters in a whirlwind of violence and redemption. However, despite the undeniable visual appeal and the power of the performances, "Adagio" suffers from an incomplete screenplay, with characters not fully developed and some narrative twists that are not entirely plausible, compromising the coherence and completeness of the story. The climax and resolution are rushed and unsatisfying, leaving some questions open without a convincing conclusion. Nevertheless, the film still manages to capture the viewer's attention, immersing them in a dark and surreal universe where the boundary between good and evil becomes increasingly blurred. A metropolitan noir burning with passion and desire, ready to conquer the heart of anyone who loves art-house cinema. Highly recommended for those who love intense and engaging narratives.

Reviewed by farukbaybars 8 / 10

Get ready to watch a top-notch production for Italian cinema.

Adagio is a story that deserves to be watched every minute despite its slow tempo. The director skillfully incorporates many details into the narrative that you might think unnecessary, but their presence significantly enhances the quality of the film. The performances and casting are exceptional. The cinematic aesthetic is highly convincing, and the geography of the setting is portrayed extraordinarily. Get ready to watch a top-notch production for Italian cinema.

Adagio has a satisfying finale in terms of storytelling. There are no jarring characters. At times, the directorial craftsmanship reaches the level reminiscent of Luc Besson's Leon, deserving of praise. Lastly, you can't help but anticipate Stefano's new project.

Reviewed by horrorules 7 / 10

Stefano is back!

As an Italian I am really proud to have a master of noir like Stefano Sollima, who to this day is the best director we have in Italy (yes, even better than Garrone and Sorrentino, good directors, but not like Stefano) and also this time with this "Adagio" the Roman director gives us a little gem of noir, we are not at the enormous levels of the Romanzo Criminale and Gomorrah TV series nor at the levels of a film like Suburra, but we are certainly faced with a good noir, solid and very dark and gloomy, told with great mastery and class and played by truly extraordinary actors, above all, as always, Pierfrancesco Favino who I can affirm is the real Italian Robert De Niro, but Valerio Mastandrea, Toni Servillo and a disturbing Adriano Giannini are no exception in the role of an unusual villain, as ruthless towards his victims as he is sweet and caring towards his children.

The cinematography by the always excellent Paolo Carnera immerses the spectator in a metropolitan nightmare made of fire and darkness and an almost dystopian imagery in which Sollima drags the spectator for the entire duration of the film and makes him participate in the dramas of our protagonists, in particularly those of the young Manuel, in fact, the only truly positive figure in the story, in fact it seems that Sollima places some hope for the future precisely on Manuel and more generally on the new generations.

The film ideologically concludes the narrative circle born with the Romanzo Criminale series and continued with the Suburra film, yes because Adagio tells the story of the last old and tired members of the Magliana who have now reached the end of the line in a sort of poignant and melancholic farewell.

Adagio is certainly not a masterpiece like Sollima's other works, but it is still a powerful and important film that must be seen and appreciated.

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