2023 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

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Guillaume Canet as Michal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by papacopet 4 / 10

Good idea terrible executions

I was so excited to watch this suspense movie. I approach it like watching bird box, and a quiet place. Only the character could not think ahead 5 minute.

Every decision that they make was either by being selfish or taken while panicking. Why having the urge to go elsewhere when they can just wait it out. Every bad situation was so repeated. Selfish act, girl yelling, then going somewhere panicking. Not one smart decision out of the that make the viewer cheer for the character. Even if we accept the ridiculousness of the super acid rain the character only comprehend the bare minimum and never tried to make a smart decision. Like waiting out the rain in the tunnel, waiting out the rain under the bridge. Even the last rain. Trying to run away from the rain? Wtf just to end up in some farmland stuck? They could had waited it out in the car driving or not same amount of rain. I recommend a bit but don't expect yourself to cheer for the success of the character.

Reviewed by chenp-54708 4 / 10

Interesting concept but poor execution

I really liked the first act of the movie with an interesting set up and dynamics but unfortunately, the movie falls apart due to poor writing and uninteresting characters. "Acid" is the type of movie where it contains an interesting concept about environmental disasters but unfortunately fails to fulfill it's potential because of the messy writing where concepts are all over the place, certain amounts of logic that really doesn't make any sense and characters that are not interesting and honestly, REALLY unlikeable.

The camerawork, the sound designs and the color presentations are pretty good. The performances from the cast members are solid as they have some decent moments of emotions. Including some solid special effects and make up used. But the negative components really overshadow the movie. Disaster movies like this I can watch just for fun popcorn but the unlikable characters, plot holes, and the messy writing makes it difficult to really believe much of this movie.

Reviewed by onthewatchlist 4 / 10

Interesting premise let down by unbelievably bad writing

Couldn't finish the movie. Extremely unlikeable and unethical main guy, and plot holes the size of Texas.

Early in the movie, the man and his wife are seen booting desperate people out of their van like they were zombies. Later, a lady was kind enough to offer the man and his daughter refuge in their home, but he took it upon himself to lecture her at her dinner table. All in the midst of a terrifying acid rainstorm.

Speaking of which, what kind of acid tears through houses and cars, but leaves cell towers, power lines and pipes intact? And you have houses with roofs burnt in, surrounded by trees and leaves that are pristine and untouched.


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