AC/DC: Live at River Plate


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Reviewed by sergiobollana 10 / 10

Disclaimer: This is not an objective review

If you're looking for an objective review of this release, please be kind and skip this one. This one is not for you. If you want to know what it felt to be there, and what it feels to revive it watching this video... then you're on the right place.

Argentinians are a very proud race... we like to think we stand aside from the rest of Latin America on behalf of our predominant European heritage, but the truth is our country is as poor as any other third world country, if not more. Many of those 200.000 fans fulfilled the dream of a lifetime being in that field... others like me had the privilege to have been there before the last time, in 1996, but for the most part there was no one who hadn't been waiting less than a decade for this moment. And for the most part there was no one that spent close to a month's salary to be able to be there. In any case it was not easy for most of us to pony up the dollar to be in that field. It was a privilege for just a few lucky ones. But go 'round and ask the poorest of those fans, and the answer will be invariably the same. It was worth the sacrifice. It was worth all those overtime hours at work. It was worth the 12 hour bus from 1200 miles away. It was worth it. And we'll do it again if we have the chance. Because it's AC/DC. Because those sixty-something year old grandpas teach the world a Rock 'N Roll lesson every time they climb a stage. Because AC/DC teaches the world a humility lesson every time there is a microphone in front of any of them. That's why these mates can walk down any street in any city in the world like any other guy in the world even when having a 22 time Platinum album (which is 3 more Platinums than the top selling Beatles album). That is called RESPECT. And that is something no dollar figure can purchase. That is something that was earned with four decades of devotion to the fans and to Rock 'n Roll. In this video you will witness 200.000 crazy guys like me jumping up and down, banging their arms to the air and singing every chord that comes from Angus guitar or Brian's throat. In this video you will witness why there is no other crowd like Argentina's. We salute you, Angus, Brian, Malcolm, Cliff and Phil. We salute you, mates. Please keep on rockin'... we'll be always waiting for you in this God forsaken part of the world with our hands in the air, ready to jump, sing, and rock 'n roll.

Reviewed by cvlhs 10 / 10

Live at River Plate

We really wish my husband (73) and me (63) had been there in Buenos Aires, never been out of this country, would love to have seen it though. This is the best concert we've seen even just from our living room. We've got it up way loud and rocking out while Facebooking with my friends. This is one of the best groups to be created. We never saw them when they were new or even in person, but it's better late than never. It is the saddest story about Malcolm, but I guess he doesn't know the difference now, that illness has got to be the worst joke that life could play on him, he and Angus are genius musicians and we are glad the group is still putting out the music for us all. If you're considering buying this DVD, I recommend it with gusto. Great show for all of us!!

Reviewed by bluekarma06 10 / 10

One for the Ages!

Just finished watching this concert and all I can say is WOW! At 60+ years of age, every member of ACDC still rock their hearts and lungs out for a solid 2 hours! Unreal! And there are NO BALLADS to rest! lol The 200+ thousand fans jumping in unison was awe-inspiring and made you really FEEL the POWER OF ROCK! Yea, these guys won't be a round forever but this concert video will truly be a testament to how these ageless wonders of HARD ROCK never forget the fans and the passion that comes from being on that HIGHWAY TO HELL! Many of us have been following ACDC since the beginning when Bon Scott was the front-man and although we miss him, Brian Johnson is no slacker and his growly voice is perfect for belting out all these anthems of rock! I SALUTE YOU ACDC!

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